It’s here and then it’s gone

This past weekend at the lake was a stark contrast to the previous weekend.  Labor Day weekend, was so busy on the water, with boats, and swimmers.  Stores and restaraunts were packed.  But this weekend it was as if someone flipped a switch!  Summer was here last weekend, and now it’s gone!  The weather was still beautiful, but the lake was quiet.  Primarily fishermen and a few other boats.  It’s always this way.  Labor Day usually signals the end of summer for lots of people here.

I greet Labor Day with mixed emotions.  I love the summer, with all of the boating, swimming, hot summer nights sitting on the porch and listening to the sounds of the water. But September is the beginning of cooler temperatures.  Things slow down a bit and I am able to pick up the knitting I put away last spring.  I’ll put away all of my summer decorations, and start thinking of my fall and winter projects.  I’ll search through all the magazines I didn’t have time to read this summer and find new recipes to try. So while I am sad to see the summer going, there is lots to do and I am looking forward to sharing it with you!

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