Sunday Fly In

Sunday at the lake we were surprised to find that they were having their annual “fly in“. This is an event where sea planes from all around the area fly in to Potawatomi Inn and demonstrate how their planes work and take people on rides over the lake. It was a chilly day today on the lake, but there were quite a few boats out on the water, to watch the fly in. We have a neighbor with a sea plane, who takes off from the lake several times a week. But It is still exciting to see them take off and land from the water.

It’s also neat to see the activity around the lake even after most of the summer weekend lake goers have stopped coming. As we rode around the lake today, there were so many lake homes that appeared to be closed for winter. More than half of the docks have now been taken in, and many are stacked along the shores. For many people their lake homes are primarily for use in the summer, so these cottages will stand cold and alone now, through the winter months. We’ll keep our boat in for a couple more weeks, but then we will join the others, stacking our dock by the shore and putting everything away for a long winter’s nap. But we’ll still be there, enjoying all of the seasons at our second home!

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