Welcome to the Club!

Well, in my opinion, the swimming weekends at the lake are done.  Reaching my hand into the water on Saturday, it was definitely too chilly for this girl!  But the boating was just perfect!  We arrived Friday night, too late to go out, but were up bright and early Saturday morning to enjoy the weekend!  The guys went out around 9:00am and came back with sweatshirts and cold noses, saying that it was cool, but with almost no wind, the lake was like glass!  I love seeing that, when the reflection is so clear and smooth.

Since it was a little cold, we made a trip to GW Stroh Orchard again to get some of their wonderful apples.  I got several varieties, Red Delicious, Empire, and Honey Crisp (I’ve had a couple of Honey Crisps so far and they are amazing!).  We also got some fresh apple cider to take home. I think I will take the cider I bought at the grocery last weekend and make boiled cider with it.  I’m keeping this fresh cider for drinking, cold or hot!

After the trip to the orchard, it had warmed up quite a bit, so we all headed out to the lake. The sun was shining and it was just gorgeous!  The lake was so quiet and the leaves are just starting to change.  The sun really warmed us and there were just a few boats out and about.  Riding around the lake this weekend, when you would see another boat riding by, we would all smile and wave to one another.  It’s like we are recognizing a kindred spirit.  We are people who love all the seasons of the lake, who are here when all the summer vacationers have left for the season.  We know something others who have left the lake already, don’t seem to know, or remember. It’s kind of like we belong to a special club and it’s a club I am so happy to belong to!

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