The Front Porch

My husband and I have been working on updating the outside appearance of our house.  We’ve lived here for about 15 years and have done some relandscaping and added a few trees to a yard that was basically treeless when we moved in. We had a large addition built about 10 years ago but have left the entrance and front of the house pretty much the way it was when we moved in.

This summer we decided to try some inexpensive “sprucing up” by repainting all of our faded green shutters black, painting the front door black and replacing the door hardware. Having the new look to the front of the house has encouraged me to do a little decorating too.  I already had two white rockers on the front porch, and an old white wicker table.  I hadn’t done anything with any of it for several years, but this year, with the freshly painted shutters, and door, I was inspired!

I still wasn’t ready to spend a lot of money on decorations, so I started by buying two beautiful yellow mums that I put in pots on each side of the door.  Then I looked around to see if I had any fabric that would work for pillows on the white rockers.  I found this cute black and white gingham fabric with yellow sunflowers in the print.  I think I got it about 10 years ago to make a summer dress for my daughter and never got around to it.  I figured the yellow, white, and black would look perfect for my rocker, so I made a pillow with it over the weekend. I think it was just the right touch!  What do you think?

Hope you are having a good week!


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