The End of the Season… But More Fun to Come!

The docks and boats are all put away for the season.  A random sailboat or fishing boat can still be seen somewhere out there but the boating season is over.  When looking around the lake, there are a lot of empty docks, and boat lifts sitting unused and waiting to be taken out and stored for the winter.

Our dock looks like that.  The boats were taken to the Northwest Landing and stored last week.  The lift will be removed and stored soon as well.  Our swim raft is now sitting in the yard for the winter and will soon have the dock stacked on it.  The yards of the homes at the lake often have these “reminders” of summer fun resting near the edge of the water.  At this time of year, the sight makes me a little sad thinking of the summer that is past.  But when the snow falls and the lake is frozen, and there is white everywhere, in a way, I see these “yard ornaments” as a promise of the spring and summer that will come again soon.

But in the mean time, we have so many fall days to enjoy!  Halloween is next week!  Trick-or-treat is Thursday and all the cute little ghosts and goblins will be visiting us for goodies.  I have some neat decorations to show you, both from the our home in Indiana, and our home here in Ohio.  So stay tuned for some other updates this week!

Happy Fall!


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