Downton Abbey and a Knit Along Project – Part 1

The season begins tonight on PBS!

Tonight is the beginning of the long-awaited Season 3 of Downton Abbey!  My mom got me started with this latest obsession this summer.  If you’ve never watched it before, I would highly recommend it!  After watching all of the Season One, I was definitely hooked.  I have yet to see Season 2, I am waiting for it to be available on Netflix, but I am still excited to see the new episode beginning tonight.  If the anticipation of the new season wasn’t enough.. I have more!

About 4 weeks ago, one of my favorite online knitting stores Jimmy Beans Wool, introduced a new yarn color they dubbed “Downton Abbey” made by Lorna’s Laces, a company that makes and hand-dyes amazing yarn!  At that time, they announced they would be doing a knit along project during the 8 weeks of Downton Abbey episodes.  Each Sunday they would reveal some of the pattern of the “mystery project” and followers could knit along while watching the show.

Downton Abbey Yarn at Jimmy Beans Wool

One look at the beautiful color of the yarn and I had to join!  The project only requires one skein, but I ordered two, in order to share this experience with my mom.  After all, she is the amazing, talented woman who introduced me to my love of knitting, and she also introduced me to Downton Abbey!

The first post came last week, just to prepare us for what other materials we would need and to give us swatch dimensions so we could prepare.  They also revealed that we would not be making a hat, mittens, scarf, or socks, but would be making something for a woman, worn by one of Downton Abbey’s main characters.  I spent this week wondering what it might be.

I immediately thought of Lady Violet.  She is, after all, my favorite character.  Thinking of her wardrobe, I could only imagine it to be a small wrap or shawl.  But with only one skein of yarn to work with, a shawl didn’t seem practical.

I ordered my yarn about a week after the Knit Along announcement and by that time there had been such an unbelievably large response to the Mystery Knit Along, that they would not be able to deliver the yarn until January 8th.  While disappointed, I am still excited by the prospect of participating.  I will only miss being able to knit for this first episode.  But I will catch up this week after I get the yarn and be ready to participate next week!


This morning, as promised, the first portion of the Knit along pattern was revealed in the Jimmy Beans blog, as well as what the project will actually be!  Just as I suspected, it is something worn by Lady Violet!  It is lace, fingerless gloves that back in those days were called “gauntlets”.  It will be interesting to see what they are like as I have never had any fingerless gloves.  But just the idea of knitting along with my mom, and the many other people who love to knit and are watching Downton Abbey, is exciting!

If any of you would like to participate,  it’s really not too late!  You could order another color of Lorna’s Laces Sportmate yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool or find a similar weight yarn at your local yarn store and join in!  You can read all about it on the blog links I’ve provided in this post, or send me a message and I can help you out if you have any questions!  Or if you join and would like to chat about the project, or even if you want to skip the knitting and share your thoughts about tonight’s show, just drop me a line!  I’ll be busily knitting the first part this week after my yarn arrives, and should be fully caught up by next Sunday!

Downton Abbey starts in just a few hours.  I’ll be watching!  Will you?


4 thoughts on “Downton Abbey and a Knit Along Project – Part 1

  1. What a nice idea! By the way, Kieran Foley (aka Knitlab) has just published a stunning “Lady Violet” shawl pattern that you or your mother might like, too. Have fun!

  2. I’ve been obsessed with DA since the very first episode. I love this knitting project idea…fingerless gloves are very in now because of all the smart phones. My daughter wears them all the time. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

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