Downton Abbey Knit Along – Week 3

Week 3 of the Downton Abbey Knit Along has arrived!  Here is what I have so far after finishing the Week 2 assignment.  I have finished the whole arm part and have made the thumb opening.  I LOVE the color of this yarn!

Mom and I used FaceTime yesterday (she is very technologically savvy!) and compared our projects.  Due to the way the yarn is dyed by hand, each hank of it is different.  So while mine looks more “striped”, hers has more of a diagonal color pattern. (I’ll post a picture of her’s sometime)  They are both very unique.  We are both enjoying this project so much!

Last week when we visited, Mom told me how much more she is enjoying knitting now that I am knitting so much, too.  It really is nice to have someone who understands the time and effort that goes into knitting projects, and this one has been even more fun because we are doing the same thing at the same time!

I “tried on” the knitted glove, so you can see what it looks like so far.  What do you think?

I can’t wait to see what this week’s instructions will bring.  Will we finish the first glove?  I am anxious to see how the finger and bottom edge will be finished.  But while I will download and print the instructions, I will wait until tonight’s episode to begin knitting.

Here they are:  Clue #3

It looks like we will finish everything except the bottom edge!

Questions for the episode tonight…

  1. What will the drama be about Tom and Sybil?  Do you think her parents will be so angry with Tom they will drive a wedge between them?
  2. What has happened to Mr. Bates?
  3. Do you think anything will ever happen between Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes? (Wasn’t that cute last week?)
  4. What will be your favorite Lady Violet Quote this week?  I will be looking for mine!  I love her sarcastic comments!

Happy knitting and watching tonight!


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