TGIF! Now What To Do With The Weekend?

winter sceneWell, the weekend has finally arrived!  After a busy week at work, and a wind-chill factor that plunged well below zero, I am ready to welcome a couple of days of relaxation!  Doesn’t Friday give you the best feeling?  The entire weekend stretches ahead of me.

There are so many things I want to do!  First there are some inevitable errands.  The dog needs a nail clip, we need some fresh veggies from the grocery, and I need some gas in my car.  I try not to save too many errands for the weekend but it was so cold this week, all I wanted to do was come home after work and warm up!

After the errands, I have some laundry to catch up on, and a some de-cluttering to do. Am I the only one that seems to collect things on every horizontal space?  Until in one great swoop, I find a home for all my clutter or put things back in their place.  That task is long overdue.  But I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when I’ve cleared everything away.

Once I’ve finished all of my “have to-dos”  I will be able to reward myself with my “I want to-dos”.  But what do I do first?

1. I haven’t picked a new knitting project.  I finished my Downton Abbey assignment for week 3 several days ago and I need some other knitting project to do.  I’ve looked at Pinterest, some of my magazines, and some of my favorite web sites, but I can’t seem to commit to one.

Tote Bag

2. Last weekend I started a sewing project.  I found several Waverly fabrics on sale at Joann Fabric and started sewing a really cute tote bag.  I have a little bit to do in order to finish it.

Fall of Giants

3. I am also reading a book, Fall of Giants by Ken Follett.  I’m only about 100 pages into it but it starts in the early 1900’s in Europe, and follows the lives of the working class miners, the wealthy upper class, and their servants.  (Sound a little Downton Abbey like?  Well maybe, but I think this is a little more harsh than the lives we see on PBS on Sunday night!)  I think I am still going to like it.  I like reading historical fiction.  It often teaches me a little about a period of time I don’t know that much about.

Gauntlet Week 3

4. Sunday will bring the next part of the Downton Abbey knit along project.  As I said, I finished this week’s assignment early in the week.  (Actually I didn’t do the thumb yet as I am waiting to visit my mom to get one of her sets of double-pointed needles) Here is what it looks like so far.

So I have plenty to do!  I plan to get started first thing in the morning.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and get a chance to do things that make you happy.  I’ll keep you posted on what I accomplish!


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