A Sunday Drive and Downton Abbey Knit Along Week 4

What a difference two weeks makes!  Two weeks ago when we were at the lake, the grass was green, and the lake was completely ice-free!  Today we made the trip up there to visit Mom and check on things and what a difference!  While the lake isn’t completely iced over, it is almost completely covered.

There were even ice fishermen out on the lake.  There were about 30 out there when we arrived around 10:00 this morning, and these die-hard fishermen were still there at 4:00 when we left!  If you look far out into the lake you can see the open water.

Mom and I were talking about all of the years we remember the lake being fully frozen most of January.  Our family had snowmobiles and would ride all around the lakes on the trails they have.  The trails run all around the lakes in the area and through Pokagon State Park.  We did some ice fishing also, but spent most of the time on our snowmobiles or shoveling off an ice rink and skating.

This year there really isn’t enough snow yet for snowmobilers, or ice for skating.  But those ice fishermen are out there!  And it’s probably good that they were able to fish this weekend, because I believe we are supposed to have temperatures in the low 50’s in a couple of days!

Besides the great visit with Mom, I was able to get the double-pointed knitting needles so that I could use them for my Downton Abbey gauntlets.  The Week #4 instructions were posted today.  We are finishing the right hand glove!  I can’t wait!  I still need to do the thumb part that was the assignment last week, and then finish the arm portion which looks to be a scalloped-looking edge.

I’ll get started on the knitting tomorrow and post a picture of my finished gauntlet soon!  In the meantime.. did you see Downton Abbey?  I was shocked..  I didn’t expect what happened.. Did you?  I won’t elaborate for now since some of you may not have seen it yet.. but what did you think?  All I can say is Wow (big sigh).

Have a wonderful evening!


2 thoughts on “A Sunday Drive and Downton Abbey Knit Along Week 4

  1. Many changes all of a sudden at Downton!!!!!

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