Downton Abbey Knit Along – Week 4 Finished!

I finished the first gauntlet this week.  Isn’t it cute?  I absolutely love knitting the creates patterns.  Do you see the bottom, how it has a scalloped edge?  Creating that was really so easy!  It’s a combination of three sets of six rows that made that effect.  And the knitting was not difficult at all.

Beginning this week, I still needed to knit the thumb part.  For this, I really needed the double-pointed needles that my mom had.  While working with four straight, open-ended needles is more awkward than the circular needles, it was essential for the small thumb part.  I think it turned out really well.

Then, after finishing the thumb, I had to take out the provisional cast-on that was at the bottom, put the stitches back on my needles and then knit the new part of the pattern that was revealed this week.  I was a little nervous about removing the provisional yarn and catching all of the stitches on my needles, but I was careful, made sure I had my glasses on (ha! ha!), and it worked out fine.  Since I already had my double-pointed needles out, I used them instead of my circular needle.  I had to be careful while knitting, to keep the stitches from falling off the needles, but one advantage to this was that I wasn’t stretching the gauntlet around my circular needle.

The pattern in the bottom portion is really unique.  For the 1st and 3rd rows you are actually decreasing the number of stitches on the piece, then on the 6th row you increase the stitches with “yarn overs” back to the original number of stitches. I had no idea that those simple techniques would make that scalloped edge.  It was almost a surprise when I was finished!

I did a slight amount of blocking when I finished, to smooth out the scalloped edge. but I wanted to keep the edge around the fingers and thumb a little more bulky so I left that part alone.

Here is the first finished gauntlet.  I assume we will begin on the left hand Sunday when they post the next set of instructions on the Jimmy Beans Wool blog, which will be basically doing the same thing but reversed, like a mirrored image of this right-handed gauntlet.  I’m ready!  I think these will really be cute when they are finished.  I really love the color and texture of this Lorna’s Laces yarn.

What do you think?  Would you wear these when they are done?  Since they are so long, do you wear them over your sleeves?  I assume when you are outside, you wear them under your coat sleeves.  How would you wear them?

I’m enjoying this Knit along so much!  Jimmy Beans is starting another one soon and Mom and I have decided to participate in that one as well!  Here is where they describe it.  Want to join us?

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Knit Along – Week 4 Finished!

  1. the yarn you picked looks great and the scalloped edge definitely looks nice.

    • Thanks so much! I am loving the yarn color and thinking of getting some more for a scarf! It was actually the suggested color for this project. I really enjoy your ideas on your blog also. The sampler afghan is beautiful!

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