A Bag for Every Occasion, a New Adventure on the Horizon

It’s no secret.  I love crafts, knitting, reading, and sewing.  And I’m also a closet “techie” with cool gadgets like this iPad I use for pictures and blogging.  I always have at least two or three projects that I’m working on.  With our trips to the lake on the weekends, I need to be able to pack up my projects and take them with me.  What better way than cute tote bags?

I have made different bags for my mood and season, and also as gifts.  Last year I made this cute bag for my daughter Amy, to use for bringing home school papers to grade.  It has plenty of room for holding books and papers, as well as some great pockets in the front, with magnetic closures.  It is just the perfect bag for a teacher, and she was thrilled with the gift.  She is still using it this year and it has held up really well.

Last week, I found some cute Waverly fabric on sale at JoAnn Fabrics and made this  tote bag for my knitting projects.  It’s definitely roomy enough for my book AND any current knitting project I may have.  It has a roomy pocket inside, as well as an outside pocket.  It also has a magnetic closure on the inside.

I am planning to make tote bags in various sizes and fabrics to sell online, as well as knitted items like the scarves I am so obsessed with!  So stay tuned for details on this coming soon!  I’ll be showing some additional samples in future posts.

On another note, I finished my Week 5 Downton Abbey assignment for this week.  We made a drawstring cord for gathering our gauntlet and also started the left hand.  I am tempted to knit ahead, thinking I could probably work out how to reverse the pattern for the left hand, but I don’t want to have to take it out if I make a mistake, so I think I’ll wait til this weekend for additional instructions.  (call me a chicken!)  But here is the fully finished right hand gauntlet!

Gauntlet Week 5

I hope you are having a wonderful week!  I am!


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