I’d Like to Introduce…

……My daughter Amy.  You may have already met her.  She is the gracious model of most of my scarves.  She is also a teacher.  Knowing her, you would not be surprised by her choice of profession.  She was born to do this.

Making the decision to teach means she may struggle a little.  Jobs are hard to come by, and the pay is not that great.  But she is never happier than when she is in a classroom of little minds.

As I started on my blogging journey, I shared with her all of the excitement I got when someone “liked” my post, or how much I enjoyed planning my next project to blog about.  She started thinking about creating her own blog…

As a college student, student teacher, and now as a new teacher, Amy needs to find cute clothes for work, but not spend a lot of money on them.  She has learned to shop for bargains, and imitate more expensive looks.  A few weeks ago, she launched her own blog, to share her ideas about fashion on a budget.  It’s called Classy in the Classroom.

I wanted to share her blog with my followers.  I think her style is pretty classic, and would work for many women.  I know she gives me great advice!  We even share some of her finds and she incorporates some of my clothes in her outfits. So here it is! Check it out and let me know what you think!

Here a picture from her blog where she is modeling my pink scarf again!

Amy Lake

Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “I’d Like to Introduce…

  1. Wonderful picture of lovely girl !!
    Aunt Roberta

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