So Many Projects, So Little Time

To be honest, this week I’ve enjoyed knitting the Truckee Shawlette so much with the Malabrigo Lace yarn, that I just started  my Downton Abbey Knit Along assignment yesterday!

Last Sunday night, Amy and I watched the Grammy’s instead of Downton Abbey.  Although I didn’t know all of the artists, I still enjoyed seeing my favorites.  And some of the dresses were gorgeous!  So this week was all about catching up with that!

In the mean time, I was so excited to see how the Truckee Shawlette would turn out with my color choices, that I worked on that most evenings after work.  At first I was a little concerned about the amount of lavender that was in the Deja Vu color.  But actually, it has blended very well with the maroon in the contrasting yarn.  The shawlette is growing slowly but surely!  It is about 15 long and 4 inches wide.  I have a long way to go!

Last night I figured I better get started with the Downton Abbey project before Sunday when the new assignment was given.  So I brought out my iPad.  There is a PBS app on it that allows you to view all of the current season episodes of Downton Abbey (It is also available at this website).  So I started watching and picked up my Downton Abbey project.  This week our knitting assignment was to work on the left hand gauntlet to do the majority of the arm to the thumb.  Whew!  After knitting for a couple of hours last night and about 3 hours today, I am finally finished for the week!

I also watched the two hours of Downton Abbey.. I will sure miss when this season is over.  My mom said she thinks this is the last week.  Is it?  I still haven’t seen Season 2 so when this season is over, I will probably go back and watch all of season 2 and season 3.   Now that I see how great Mary and Matthew are together, I want to see their wedding!

So now its back to the shawlette to see how much farther I can get before Downton Abbey tomorrow!  Wish me luck!  I have collected quite a bit of yarn in my stash for the next project.  Now I just need to decide what that will be!

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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