Downton Abbey Gauntlets Finished! (Productive Saturday!)

Finished Gauntlet2

I finished the Downton Abbey Knit Along project yesterday!  Only a week or so after that last disappointing episode of the season.  But.. I’ve moved on about the whole Downton Abbey thing (ha ha!).  We’ll see what next season brings!

Anyway, in case any of my readers didn’t know, my mom and I found this knit along project at the Jimmy Beans Wool website around Christmas time.  We decided to do the project together so we both bought the Lorna’s Laces Sportmate yarn named Downton Abbey.  When the Downton Abbey season began in January the instructions for the project were revealed, step by step each week.  And Mom and I got our needles clacking!  The last part of the instructions were revealed last Sunday and Mom and I finished our gauntlets this week.  

Here I am, wearing mine.. What do you think?  

Me Finished Gauntlet 1   

I wasn’t sure what to wear with them.. but wanted to show off the arm part so I picked a shawl type sweater so you could see the whole glove.  I really think I’ll probably wear them with my coat normally so that part probably won’t show, but I really think I might like the fingerless glove idea.. 

Me Finished Gauntlet 2

Anyway, I am excited to be finished and to be able to spend more time on the Truckee Shawlette that Mom and I are now working on!  I think we have both enjoyed doing these projects together so much!  

I’ve had the idea that I might try doing a Knit Along project here on this blog.  What do you think?  I might pick one of the scarves I’ve done already and we can do it together, step by step.  Does anyone have a favorite?  Some of my favorites are the Burberry Inspired Cowl, and the Arctic Circle Cowl.  But I’ll take whatever suggestions you might have!  

For those of you that are new to knitting, one of my blogging friends on For the Knit of It, is starting a beginners class here.  Lesson 1 so far has just talked about what you need to get started.. Basically some needles and some yarn.  So feel free to head over to her blog and get started!  You won’t regret it!  I think knitting is such a fun and relaxing pastime.  Working full time in front of a computer all day, knitting is such a great change of pace!

But that wasn’t the only thing I did yesterday!  I spent the better part of the day moving my blog to a self-hosted site.  So if the look of this is slightly different, that may be why.  I am still working on getting my followers moved over.  Hopefully I’ll be fully functioning soon!  If things don’t work quite as well as they used to, please be patient.  Its a work in progress. (sigh)

Amy and I also baked some cookies yesterday!  We were in the mood for some sugar cookies so we found this recipe on Pinterest and made a few cutout cookies.  They were so good!  We used a basic sugar cookie recipe, but used Almond Extract instead of Vanilla.  The cookie needed a little extra sweetness, so we frosted them, and they really are so good!  It kind of looks like we are pushing the Saint Patrick’s Day theme, but Amy’s birthday is March 16 so she LOVES Saint Patrick’s Day!


So let me know if you have any votes for a knit along project!  I’ll post some additional options also.

Hope you are having a great weekend.  I’m going to go back to work on my blog transfer!  Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “Downton Abbey Gauntlets Finished! (Productive Saturday!)

  1. I was devastated by the conclusion of Downton Abbey too. Two deaths in one season was just too much! Connie (Sampson) Horstman is interested in knitting. I’m going to forward your blog to her and maybe if you do a knit along she will join in. Love your gloves. My daughter loves the fingerless gloves because it makes it easier to use her phone. :o) Take care!

  2. The gauntlets turned out great! I would love to do a KAL with you. Both cowls look good, but I love the texture in the Arctic Circle. I look forward to seeing what you pick!

    • Thanks so much! I actually wore them to work today. They looked really nice with my gray wool coat. 🙂

      I am still looking around for some other choices for the Knit along, but I hope you will join! I am looking forward to doing KAL as well!

  3. […] also, Sandy of LiveLoveLake will be hosting a KAL a little later. She’s currently looking for votes between two different cowls to do. I recommend checking out her […]

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