The Lake… Still Frozen, But Not Long Now!

I hope everyone had a wonderful day!  Pat, Amy, Bear, and I made another trip to the lake to visit Mom and check on things.  As we left Ohio, the sky was full of clouds, and there were flurries.  But as we got closer to Indiana, the sky cleared!  Even though it was very cold today, we had a beautiful day at the lake!

We had a wonderful lunch at Mom’s, and Pat did some computer repair work for her. Looking out toward the lake, there are a few obvious things that will need to be done in the next month as the snow melts and the ground thaws.  Tree limbs need to be picked up, and the light post out by the lake needs to be straightened. A little crooked, don’t you think??? 🙂  Then, in about a 6 weeks, we’ll be putting in the dock!  There are always some odds and ends that need to be done, but it is worth it when you are enjoying the lake in the summer!

The lake is still pretty frozen.  I did see some open water in the middle of the lake, but there are ice fishermen on the lake again so most of it must be very solid.  In my opinion, it is time for this to be over… It is March now!  So that ice won’t be around for long!  In two or three weeks, after we’ve had some warmer weather, the ice will begin to melt, and then a good wind will totally break it up.

I really can’t wait!  In my opinion, the greatest thing about Winter is that it makes you appreciate the Spring so much when it finally comes!

We sure enjoyed our visit with Mom, but too soon, it was time to head back home.

We drove around the lake as we left and stopped to take this picture of the lake from a different perspective.

This picture shows the frozen lake from another location, looking across the lower basin of Lake James.  If you look at the top left corner, you can see Potawatomi Inn, where we had lunch a few weeks ago and checked out the toboggan run.  Also, you can see the “Island House” straight ahead.  While we have never known the people who own this house, and it has changed hands several times over the years, it has been out there for as long as I can remember.

Can you imagine?  Parking your car and then taking a boat over to your “cottage” every weekend?  As we’ve boated by that house year after year, it really makes you think about what it would be the owner.

Even though it was in the low 30’s today, wasn’t it a gorgeous day?  I am so glad we made the trip!  And I am even happier that in a few weeks, the above view will show me OPEN WATER!

On the trip home, I worked on my knitting.  I am probably 2/3 done with this Truckee Shawlette project, but so excited to be finished.  I can’t wait to see how it will look when it’s done!

I have so many projects waiting in the wings!  Mom and I are going to do the Mystery Knit Along themed after Game of Thrones sponsored by Jimmy Beans Wool at the end of the month.  I have never seen Game of Thrones, and don’t have HBO so I just downloaded the books on my Kindle to read.  As I understand it, it is a fantasy and the author is described as the “American Tolkien”.  I’ve read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and really liked them, so I thought to get into the spirit of the KAL, I’d read the books!

Also, I am still hoping to do my own KAL in April.. so if you haven’t checked out the candidates for knitting, please do so here and send me a note to let me know which one we should do!  I really think they all would be great for Spring.

As you can see, I have lots planned!  Maybe you’ll join me in some of these projects!  I’d love that!

Have a wonderful Monday!


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