Where Did the Time Go?

Tomorrow will be a big day!  Amy, my daughter will be celebrating her 23rd birthday!  How did that happen?

I remember this little girl who was so excited for her first day of school!  She was such a tiny little thing, picking out just the right outfit for her first day, wearing her brand new tennis shoes, and packing up her new book bag with newly sharpened pencils and wide-ruled paper.

I’ve always considered her to be the “breath of fresh air” in our family.  She is the one with the imagination, who, as a child, pretended to be everything from a waitress to a teacher. Most of all she makes us all laugh.  All of the other members of our family are very analytical, liking everything to be structured and defined, but not Amy!

Now she is a grown young woman, and I love spending time with her even more.  She has become the best friend I could have and I am grateful for the time I get to spend with her.  But it seems like only yesterday she was that little girl going off to school.

Tomorrow we will celebrate with dinner out and a fresh strawberry pie!  She will also be celebrating the upcoming wedding of a good friend of hers, at a bridal shower.

Again I ask… where did the time go?

 I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


One thought on “Where Did the Time Go?

  1. Roberta Burnap

    Happy Birthday , Amy!!!!!!!

    Great picture of you and your mom !!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Roberta

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