It Makes Me Feel Like Dancing!

You Make Me Feel Like Dancing

No!!!!  I don’t mean this blast from the past song by Leo Sayer!  Although that phrase will forever remind me of that song!!!   (Yikes!  Go check  it out.. It’s hilarious!)

What I mean is the new season of Dancing With The Stars (DWTS) that begins tonight at 8:00pm on ABC.  Dancing with the StarsWho would have thought ballroom dancing would become “cool”?  But the makers of this show have done exactly that.  By putting a varied group of singers, actors, athletes, comedians, and reality personalities together with professional  dance partners and showing us how they learn and improve each week, it has exposed so many viewers to ballroom dancing and made it look so fun!

I’m pretty excited to see what this season will bring.  I loved last “All Star” season when they had previous contestants compete.  It really raised the skill level of the competition, I think.  But this season we are back to the beginners.

Who do you like?

Alexandra Raisman – 18-year-old Olympic Gymnast who is paired with Mark Ballas. Gymnasts have usually done really well in DWTS (ex. Shawn Johnson) and Mark seems to be a really great teacher so I expect she will be very good.

Andy Dick – Comedian is paired with Sharna Burgess who must be a new professional partner.  Comedians usually are very entertaining but often trade humor for skill and that gets them past a few weeks but not too far into the competition.

D.L. Hughley – Another Comedian, but this time paired with Cheryl Burke who is really a great teacher and partner.  I think he may go farther because Cheryl probably won’t rely on humor to get him votes.

Dorothy Hamill – An Olympic figure skater from the 1976 who I have always loved!  She is paired with Tristan MacManus who has been with the show for a couple of seasons.  She is another athlete that I think (hope) will do well!

Ingo Rademacher – a Soap Opera actor.  I don’t know anything about him but he is paired with Kym Johnson and she usually does well with her partners. I’ll have to watch him to see what I think.

Jacoby Jones – a Professional Football Player who is dancing with Karina Smirnoff.  Again she is a really good teacher and seems to bring out the best in her partners and he is an athlete who does really well (ex. Jerry Rice, and Emmitt Smith)

Kelli Pickler –  Love, Love, love her!  I’ve thought she was so cute ever since American Idol, and her success as a country singer has not disappointed!  I can’t wait to see what she learns to do!  I hope her partner, Derek Hough really makes her shine!  He usually does!

Lisa Vanderpump – Hmmm looks like she is from London.  They say she is an author, philanthropist, restaurateur, but also was on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills…. Well, I am not a fan at all of that show.  But maybe she will surprise me.  I will TRY to keep an open mind.  She is paired with another newcomer I think, Gleb Savchinko.

Sean Lowe – Recently from the Bachelor (as of last week!).  I know he’s been popular in that show and he’s really cute, but can he dance?  That will be interesting and I’m anxious to see.  His partner is Peta Murgatroyd and she has been with the show for a while so she knows what the judges expect.

Victor Oritz – Professional Boxer.  Don’t they say boxers have to be light on their feet?  It will be interesting to see if being a boxer gives him some advantage.  But I don’t know him so I will just have to see.  His partner, Lindsay Arnold is new too, I think.

Wynonna Judd – An amazing country singer.  She is paired with Tony Dovoloni who is a great partner.  But I wonder if she will be that good of a dancer.  Somehow I’m not that sure.  I guess we’ll see tonight.

Zendaya – a 17-year-old Disney Channel singer and actress.  They are usually cute and entertaining but we will see how focused she is on dancing.  Her partner is Val Chmerkovskiy.   He is a good teacher/partner so we will see.

If you miss tonight’s episode.. don’t worry.  You can check it out here.

I’ll have to watch tonight to see what I really think but here are my favorites before I even see how they dance!

  1. Kelli and Derek
  2. Dorothy and Tristan
  3. Alexandra and Mark
  4. Sean and Peta

DWTS Week 1 Favs

What do you think?  Any early favorites?  I’d love to hear who you like.

Happy Monday!




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