Truckee Shawlette… Finished!

Yay!!! I finished the Truckee Shawlette last night!  And I love it!

It was hilarious.. I finished it about 10:30 last night and wove in the last end, then tried it on over my pajama top and went upstairs to show Amy!  What a sight I was, I’m sure!  But I was so proud of it!  I’m sure it didn’t look that great with my Orange PJ shirt, but Amy, the good sport that she is, still told me it was perfect! (I will NOT be posting a picture of how it looked! Ha Ha)

So after I modeled it for Amy, what did I HAVE do?  I had to hold it up to every sweater in my closet to find just the right one to wear it with, and then to block it (yes, at that hour!)  It was a late night last night, but so worth it this morning when I got to wear it to work.  It made going out in the dark, 20 degree weather, almost bearable!

I have to say, I wasn’t very modest about showing off my new scarf at work, either.  I had to call attention to it so that people would admire it!  I think they really liked it, though.  Several girls came over to my “cube” to look at it.  They all loved the colors.

It was quite an effort to make this and I was really proud!  This pattern was not difficult at all, it was just very time-consuming because the yarn and needles were so small!  It probably took about a month to make.

Here it is today, laid out on the table so you can see what it really looks like!  It started at 3 stitches on the first row, increasing one stitch each side on each row.  I’m afraid I didn’t count all of the stitches on the end row but I can tell you, it was a lot!  It can be worn so many different ways.. as a shawl, or scarf, or I even tried tucking in the ends and it looks like a cowl!

The texture of this scarf is so soft and light, but it still kept me warm today (even though the temperature never reached 30!  Ohio?  First day of Spring?? What??)

I absolutely love this shawlette/scarf!  Hop on over here to my project on Ravelry to see the pattern and yarn that I used if you are interested.  It was a free pattern from Jimmy Beans Wool, and I used the one skein of each color option.

I love the feel of this scarf so much, I will definitely make it again!  It will be fun to pick new colors to try but I think these colors were perfect together.

 So what is on the project list next?  Mom and I are planning to participate in the Mystery Knit Along for the Game of Thrones, here.  It begins March 25th and we have our yarn ready to go, but that leaves a week (or at least a weekend) with no knitting project!  We can’t have that!  So I will be picking and starting something tomorrow I’m sure!

Hope everyone is having a great week!


2 thoughts on “Truckee Shawlette… Finished!

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