March Madness (In More Ways Than One!)

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March Madness makes most people think of the NCAA basketball tournament that is going on right now, but I believe Mother Nature has something else in mind for her March Madness this year!

What an afternoon!  The weatherman is predicting snow tonight (3-5 inches!).  Already it is very windy and cold.  The Weather Channel says it is 33 but feels like 20 with the Wind Chill!  What?  ‘ April!  What’s up?  That silly groundhog had it all wrong!

Regardless of what Mother Nature has in mind, I decided to bring some spring to this house by way of some summer smells of key lime cookies baking in the oven!

Today, Pat and I went to the grocery to get a few things before the OSU vs Iowa game.  As we were going down the baking aisle, this Pillsbury Key Lime Cookie mix caught my eye.  What reminds you more of spring and summer than lemons and limes?  So I picked one up to bring home.

I am always looking for simple cookie mixes or recipes that I can recommend to my son to make at his apartment.  You know guys…  They don’t have a fully stocked kitchen. They want to find things they can make easily with a few ingredients.  This mix fit the bill perfectly!

So while watching the OSU game (Go Bucks!) I thought I’d take this mix for a test run.

The mix was really simple.  Soften the butter, add the mix and 1 egg.  Stir and bake on an ungreased cookie sheet for 8-10 minutes.  The box says is has tart candy pieces.  I didn’t really see them but I assume it is to give the cookie a more tart lime flavor.

What could be more simple than that?

The finished cookies were very good on their own, but I thought I might like them better frosted.  (Seriously sprinkling a little powdered sugar on the top would probably also be very good!)

I mixed up some softened cream cheese, powdered sugar, key lime juice, and green food coloring.  After adding the green food coloring I thought the frosting looked a little too much like St Patrick’s Day, so I added a little yellow food coloring to make the frosting a little more “tropical” looking.

Here’s the finished product!

I finished them just in time to see Aaron Craft’s 3-pointer for the 75-78 WIN against Iowa, and celebrate with a cookie or two!


Then, true to our defiant attitude of not accepting Mother Nature’s offering of winter-like weather for today, we grilled out Brats and had picnic food for dinner!  Oh!  And I’ll be recommending these cookies to my son…  They were a hit!


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