DWTS – Week 2, Who’s the First To Go?

DWTS Week 2 Favs

OK, here are my new favorites after watching Dancing With The Stars last Monday and again yesterday.  (Here is a link to last night’s show)  Photos: www.abc.com

  • Kellie and Derek: I continue to LOVE them!  Derek either always seems to get matched with someone who can already dance well, or he is an unbelievable teacher.  Kelli really is great already.  And I love her hair!  I remember reading how she got it shaved off to support a friend with breast cancer.  Makes me love her even more!
  • Zendaya and Val: What a surprise Zendaya is!  I think she is just 16 years old, and while I haven’t watched her show on the Disney Channel, she did say she was a lot more familiar with rap/hip-hop.  She is really graceful and so fun to watch!  Last night she had a gold flapper costume on.  She is so tall!!!  (and at 5′ 0″ I am sooo jealous of long legs!)
  • Alexandra and Mark:  Alexandra, is really very capable and a really good dancer, but I think she needs to do something to make her more memorable.  Mark has done a great job in the past with interesting and unique choreography so I am sure we will see more from them.
  • Karina and Jacoby: They are just fun to watch.  Karina usually always comes up with really interesting ideas for dances and so far has done that again.  I think they will go a long way this season.  What a cute touch to show him with the little girl’s jazz dance class!  Karina knows what to do to get the voting audience behind her partner!  Show his more approachable side!

I know I mentioned before that I liked Sean Lowe and Peta, but so far they have been kind of disappointing.  Sean looked really awkward the first week.  Last night he was a little better but has a long way to go.  I think I wanted to like him because he seems like a pretty nice guy but he is really not showing himself to be a dancer so far.

And my other favorite from last week was Dorothy Hamill.  I still love her.  I just hope she makes it farther to improve.  She injured her ankle and that affected her practice and performance this week.  Last week she was really good!  I think it is nostalgia and also the fact that she is pretty much my age that makes me wish her well.

A real disappointment was Victor and Lindsay.  I think they did a good job in their dance, but I really didn’t like how rude and mean that Victor was when they were practicing.  Lindsay seems like a sweet girl and I was really disappointed in his attitude to her.  He signed up for this show after all.. so he better straighten up and show a nicer side or I will be happy to see him go!

Anyway, someone will be voted off tonight.

Who do you think it will be?

My guess would be Wynonna Judd or Lisa Vanderpump.  I have really seen nothing that interesting with either of them.  (of course, as I mentioned before, I kind of had a pre-conceived bad impression of Lisa Vanderpump after knowing she was on the Wives of Beverly Hills show.. Ewww).  It just seems like Wynonna is so stiff that she is not run to watch either.  So I don’t think I will be surprised if either of them go.

What do you think?  Do I have it all wrong?  I’d love to hear your opinion. 

Just leave me a comment with your opinion!

Take Care!




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