Ready For Some Girl Time?


The last few days have been great!

Amy and I went to Indiana, Wednesday, to spend a few days with Mom, shopping, going out for lunch, and just enjoying some girl time!

All of the schools in our area were on Spring Break, which meant no substitute teaching jobs for Amy.  Mom didn’t have any plans later this week, so I took couple days off work and we packed a few things and off we went!

We got to the lake Wednesday afternoon and after unwinding a bit we headed over to Acapulco, this really good Mexican restaurant near the lake, for dinner.  Amy and I had two amazing quesadillas, and Mom had a taco salad.  All were way too much and we ended up taking over half of it home!

I knew I had to wake up early on Thursday morning to do a little bit of work, so I left the blinds open in my room when I went to bed.  I like to do that in the summer when I’m at the lake so that I can wake up early and not waste the day.  This is the view I woke up to.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Can you imagine waking up to this every day?  (in all different seasons, of course!) That is definitely a dream of mine!

You can see the sky just starting to become light.  It was probably about 7:15am when I took this.  I had just finished the work I needed to do and put away my laptop.  As you can see, the ice is melting and the water is open close to the shore.  After seeing this beautiful sunrise, I was ready to start the day!

When everyone was up and around we started checking out some decorator stores for a picture for Mom’s newly decorated sun room.  She re-covered her furniture in red and cream and was looking for a navy “nautical” picture.  We found a couple promising choices, but nothing that jumped out at us.  We also checked out a lot of antique stores which was so interesting and fun.  Amy and I tried on old hats.  Some of them were pretty crazy! 🙂

Then we went to Sutton’s Deli in the Downtown square of Angola, for lunch.  I had some really good (and hot!) homemade potato soup.  They are known for their freshly baked bread and homemade soups.  I would definitely recommend their potato soup!

After lunch we looked around at some other gift shops.  My favorite (of course) was The Yarnery.  This is a small yarn shop that is located right on the square in Angola.

I found a few hanks of DK weight yarn.  I have been thinking of knitting a stuffed bunny that I found a pattern for, and wanted to find just the right colors.  I found just what I was looking for here!  I’ll post my progress on the project once I get started.  Mom found some yarn and some new knitting needles.  We tease her about being obsessed with knitting needles.  She has multiples of every size. (Which is lucky for me because I can always raid her supply for any needles I need)

After that, Amy, Mom, and I hit up the Outlet Mall.  We found some great sales at the Tommy Hilfiger outlet store.  I got this really cute navy cardigan with white anchors (am I in the mood for Spring/Summer boating or what???).    Amy got a cute dress for school and a pair of navy pants.  They were all at least 50% off!  We love a deal!

We headed back to the lake to relax, have dinner and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

After dinner we went to church with Mom for the Maundy Thursday service.  She goes every year to the Presbyterian Chapel of the Lakes for this service.  It was really a sobering reminder of the last supper and the suffering of Jesus, dying on the cross for our sins, It’s good for us to be reminded of that.

After the service we went home to watch Ohio State play Arizona in the NCAA tournament.  At first it didn’t look to good for the Buckeyes, but the second half they came back and won!  So it’s on to the Elite Eight and a game on Saturday!  All three of us were yelling and cheering!

Today was another fun day and lunch out at Mulligan’s.  It’s another unique restaurant around the Lake that is right on the Lake James Golf Course.  Mom and I had a great spinach salad with their house dressing and it was great!  Mom had been raving about it and she was completely right about it.  Amy had a Chicken Wrap and said it was great too.

We definitely enjoyed our girl time.  The shopping and food was great.  The company was even better!  I love when all three of us get to spend time together.  They are really my two favorite ladies in the whole world!

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