New Mystery Knit Along… What Could It Be?



Mom and I had so much fun with the last Mystery Knit Along that we did this Winter that when the Jimmy Beans Wool blog announced a new Mystery Knit Along we jumped right in!  

About a month ago they announced this MKAL.  The yarn they recommended was a new worsted weight yarn from Lorna’s Laces called Haymarket.  The color they were suggesting was the new color for March called “Winter is Coming”.  Honestly, with it being March, I wasn’t really interested in a winter-themed color, so Mom and I looked at the other color options for this yarn.  Mom chose Argyle, and I chose Harrison.    


This MKAL is based on the Game of Thrones HBO series.  I haven’t watched this series and I don’t have HBO, but I searched it on Google to figure out what Game of Thrones was all about.  The name Jimmy Beans is using for the MKAL is Ice and Fire.  As I found out, that is the name of Book One (Season One?) of the series.  I also found they likened the series to something that could have been written by J.R.R. Tolkien.  As a fan of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings I thought I would want to find out more about this series!


So I downloaded the book on Amazon for my Kindle Fire and started reading it about a week ago.  So far it has held my interest very well.  I usually don’t have a lot of time to read (most of my reading time is during my lunch break at work).  This usually means it takes a week or two to really get interested in a story since I don’t read a lot at once.  But this book got me interested right away.  I found out that the phrase “Winter is Coming” is used often in the book, basically to mean that they need to be prepared for hard times.  I think I read somewhere that in the “world” where this story takes place, seasons can last for years.

The first clue of this MKAL was posted on the Jimmy Beans Blog last Sunday (Easter) since that was the first episode of the Third Season on HBO.  Mom and I got started!

So far the knitting has been very simple knit-in-the-round knitting/purling. But Kristen (the designer who is publishing this MKAL) has promised that the next week will contain some different instructions.  

I am trying to guess what this could be.  As someone who is new to Game of Thrones, the fact that is it related to this series is not much help to me.  I do know that from what I have read so far, a lot has taken place in Winterfell, where the weather is cold most of the time.  Could this be a cowl?  Maybe it is a cowl that goes around your neck but can also cover your head?  

What else could it be?  Does anyone have any ideas?  Here’s another picture of what I have so far.

Regardless of what it is, I am LOVING the colors!  And the feel of the yarn is amazing! It is such a pleasure to work with.  The new clue will be posted tomorrow.  I think part of the fun (besides knitting with beautiful yarn) is the “mystery” part of these Knit Alongs.  It’s fun to be guessing what you are making!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!




3 thoughts on “New Mystery Knit Along… What Could It Be?

  1. Oh I love these colors…this is such a fun thing to do and so nice to share it with your mom!

    • Thanks Ann! I think they are gorgeous colors too! I just finished the second week clue and Mom and I are getting together tomorrow to compare. We have sure enjoyed doing these knit alongs together! I plan to post pictures of both of our projects tomorrow!
      Thanks for visiting and Take Care!

  2. beautiful colors – and I would guess cowl, as well.

    By the way, love your blog so much I nominated you for a Liebster award – hope you join in!

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