Mystery Knit Along Week 2… Let’s compare!

Mom and I have both finished our Week 2 Knit Along Assignment.  And just in time, as the Week #3 Clue was posted today!

To be honest, I waited a few days after the Week 2 clue was posted to begin working on it.  The clue called for doing “short rows” and something called a “wrap and turn”.  Both of these things I had never done before.  

This is one of the things I LOVE about knit alongs.  When the project is started, you can (optionally) join the Jimmy Beans Wool Ravelry group.  A lot of other knitters also join the group so when the clue is posted, as people begin working on it, they can ask questions on this forum, post pictures of their project, and generally get support for any problems they might have with the knitting.  It is like belonging to a knitting club where you can try new things and get help from others who are more experienced with knitting techniques you have never tried.  And since you are doing the same project at the same time, you are sure to get good advice because the person answering the question, knows exactly what pattern you are working on.

Sure enough, about Wednesday I checked the Ravelry site and found tons of comments, pictures, and some You Tube links that gave me just the illustrations I needed to understand short rows, and how to correctly do wrap and turns.  As well as learning a good way to pick up the wraps and knit them into the piece so that they are invisible on the right side of the knitted piece. 

As I learned, wraps and turns are used to shape your knitted piece.  They can make things like the heels in socks that smoothly curve your knitting from horizontal to vertical.

I think the piece is turning out beautifully!  Clue #3 is more of the same knitting as we did in Week 1 so it will be very simple to complete.  Even though this clue is pretty basic Kristen said that next week we will be doing some lace knitting.  I will love that!  As I’ve said before, I love knitting patterns and interesting designs.  I still am not completely sure what we are knitting (another fun thing about Mystery Knit Alongs!).  I am still thinking it is a cowl/hood type piece.  (Is that called a snood?)  It started as a tube, then one side increased while the other side remained nearly the same height.  Now we will be making more tube again.  Any other ideas?

But first… today Pat, my brother Bob, and I headed to the lake to get some work done.  It was the perfect opportunity to see Mom so we could compare our projects!  Mom has so much more experience knitting than I have, so I am always asking her advice if I’m unsure of how to do something. I was relieved to see that they look basically the same! (except in different colors!)


While at the lake, Pat and Bob, put our swim raft in the lake for the summer!  Mom called this week to tell us that the boat dock was in, and our boat lift had been delivered.  

We usually try to get the raft in early so the grass in the yard won’t die underneath it. Also, the first really good warm day, we want to be able to get out there!  

I think we were the first raft in the lake for the season!  What do you think?  I’m sure it will have company very soon!


In the mean time, Mom and I will get back to our knitting.  We had a really great day together! 


I hope everyone had a great weekend!  


4 thoughts on “Mystery Knit Along Week 2… Let’s compare!

  1. I love it, that you and your mom can have so much fun knitting together

  2. can’t wait to see the finished project!

    • Hi Gertie! Thanks for visiting! We can’t wait either. The lace knitting we are doing this week is kind of tricky! I just started tonight. But I am even more confused about what it will look like when its done! 🙂

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