Summer… Are we there yet??

We finally had a nice day this weekend!  Saturday was sunny and nearly 65…  so where best to be???  THE LAKE!

What a great day!  We got up really early and made the two-hour trip to Indiana.  It was so great to see the first of our boats in the water!  And our other one will be delivered this week!

We would have taken a boat ride except the lake is VERY HIGH, and so it would have meant wading through cold water and muddy grass to even get to the dock!  (see the below picture where our neighbor’s dock is nearly submerged!)

My wonderful husband, Pat, got out the mower and did what he could.  I don’t know what we would do without that wonderful man!  

He also did some odds and ends around the house and took Mom and I out to lunch at this great place called Dave’s Lake Shack, a neat local restaurant right on Snow Lake.  

While he was mowing, Mom and I compared our knitting (and worked on it a little!)  She also showed me this darling necklace she crocheted this week using a yarn called Dazzle.  She said it was the simplest thing to make, so I will be doing a tutorial on it soon!

Sunday was the last clue of the Mystery Knit Along.  They revealed what we were making, but I’d like to wait and show you mine when it is finished.  So please don’t peek at the Knit along site!  

Here is what mine looks like now…  We have been knitting the “lace section” you see at the bottom of this picture.  

I love the look of the lace.  The clue from last week had us separate the circle into a front and a back with 5 overlapping stitches on each side.  The clue also tells us to make buttonholes in these overlapping stitches, so it must be something that buttons up.  (Hint, hint)  

Obviously whatever this is, it will be something that I will have to wait to wear, until Fall.  I definitely don’t want any more cold weather this Spring!

So now that we have gotten the final clue, I am working feverishly on the project and hope to reveal what it is this weekend.  I hope you will like it! 

In the mean time, this week has been in the 70’s and we actually still have windows open tonight, as I am writing this, and it feels GREAT!  I think we are well on our way now to the warm days!  Thank goodness!  

I think Summer is FINALLY on its way!  And NONE TOO SOON!

Have a wonderful week!  (Now I’m back to my knitting!)



2 thoughts on “Summer… Are we there yet??

  1. Hmmm… whatever could this mystery project be? Glad you guys can enjoy summery weather at the lake, even if it’s too cold to jump in 🙂 Love the scent of fresh-cut lawn ❤

  2. Oh my gosh what a beautiful day and a perfect place to spend it. So relaxing!

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