What a Great Mini Vacation!

What a great, long weekend I just had!  This is just what I LOVE about summer!  Pat and I left Wednesday night and spent the rest of the week and weekend at the lake!  We had gorgeous weather and it was such a wonderful mini-vacation!  It is my most favorite place in the world to be!

Tommy, my son, took a day of vacation and drove up from Cincinnati to spend the weekend with us.  And my daughter Amy and her boyfriend Colin also came for a couple of days!  So being there with my mom and my kids was perfect!  Bear was loving the lake and sunshine too!


Thursday night my mom, Pat, Tommy, and I headed over to try the newest restaurant/bar that has opened right on the lake.  Mad Anthony’s has been in Fort Wayne for quite a while, but this one on Lake James, just opened about 3 weeks ago.  We were excited to try it, and we had a great time having dinner on their patio!  I am not a big beer drinker, but I tried their Gabby Blonde Ale and it was great!  We will definitely be going back!


My son loves to fish.  And before this weekend, I probably hadn’t fished in 25 years!  In the last few years, I had gone out in the boat with him while he fished, but I had been just a spectator, just keeping him company. He mostly has done bass fishing but this weekend he decided to fish for blue gill and perch.  This the low-key kind of fishing that just needs a worm, hook, and bobber.  You cast out into the water and just wait for a fish to take the bait.  After thinking about it, I decided to get a fishing license and go out with him the next morning.  (of course I checked with him first to make sure he didn’t mind his old mom tagging along!)

We got up about 7:00 Friday morning and armed with a pole, we headed out to the fishing boat.  First I have to say this fishing boat is just a basic 12 foot aluminum boat with a 9 horse motor.  The boat is older than I am, and the motor is probably almost as old!  No fancy fishing boat for us!

Well the first sight that greeted us as we headed out to the lake were these two Sandhill Cranes sauntering across our front yard!  These birds are huge!  

Well, after our morning “greeters”, we hopped in the boat and headed over near Pokagon State Park to try our luck.  As we got over to the area, we saw a mother deer and her baby drinking from the lake.  The fawn was so small!

The mother noticed us and stepped in front of her fawn as if to hide him, then they ran off into the woods.  But that was so amazing to see! 

Tommy and I anchored and fished there for a while and moved to a few other locations.  

When we came back that morning we went by our neighbor’s raft and there was a really cool heron sitting there.  

We see these often at the lake and we always pretend it is the same one… 🙂 We have named him Clyde.  (When there are two they are Clyde and Henrietta).  Here is Clyde, sunning himself on the raft! 🙂

The next morning, we were up early again,  and while we didn’t see all the neat wildlife, the lake was like glass!

It was kind of chilly though!  In the above picture, there was steam coming off the water since the air was so cold!  

We caught about ten “keepers” in all, for the three mornings we fished.  I probably caught three of them.  I really enjoyed fishing after all these years!  And seeing all the wildlife and the calm lake before everyone is out boating.  But most of all I enjoyed the time just talking with my son!  I hope he will let me tag along again!

This mini vacation is just what I needed.  I didn’t knit at all, but sun, time with family, and catching a few fish was perfect for relaxing!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far!

2 thoughts on “What a Great Mini Vacation!

  1. Oh Sandy, this place is wonderful! Hope you get to spend lots of time enjoying yourself at the lake this summer! I’ve also nominated you for the WordPress Family Award. Here is the link for more info: http://knittingwithheart.wordpress.com/2013/06/11/the-wordpress-family-award-❤/

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