The Things We Do For Our Puppies…

Those of you who have been following my blog may have already met Bear.   He’s our three year old Black Lab “puppy”.  At 100 pounds, he certainly lives up to his name! 🙂

We’ve had Bear since he was ten weeks old.  He is such a special part of our family.  He loves playing ball, taking walks, riding in the car, and he LOVES the lake!  Just the mention of the L-A-K-E gets him so excited that he has to bark and chase his tail awhile.. 🙂

On Memorial Day weekend he was playing ball in the yard at the lake and he injured his back leg, just turning in the grass.  He limped around on it awhile but then seemed to work through it and we thought he was fine.  But a few days later, at home, he re-injured it just walking on our wood floor.  After that he kept hurting it over and over.  A trip to the vet confirmed that he had a luxating patella (floating kneecap).  The vet suggested surgery and after thinking about it for a week and watching him re-injure it over and over, we agreed.

So two weeks ago, today, our puppy had surgery.  After an overnight stay at the animal hospital, we brought him home with 20 “staples” in his leg, an antibiotic and two types of pain medication, instructions for therapy, and instructions related to his recovery.  He couldn’t even go from sitting to standing by himself.  It was so hard to see him so sad and pathetic.  

The first night or two, Pat even slept on the floor with him because he couldn’t get comfortable and would whine and cry all the time.  Would you ever do that?  My husband, the 6’3″ ex-college football player slept on the floor with him.  Checking on him all night to make sure he wasn’t licking the incision, or needed to go out and couldn’t get up to do it.

One unexpected result from Bear’s injury and surgery is that he is afraid of wood floors.  He panics when he is on the floor and raises up on his claws, then he slips on the floor and I worry that he will re-injure himself.  No big deal, right?  Just put a rug on the floor and don’t worry about it.  The problem??  Almost our entire main floor of our house is wood.  So what to do? For us the solution is to create paths all over our house with a series of matching and in some cases hideously mismatched rugs.

I’m embarrassed to show you this but here goes.  Here is my beautiful decorating at this time.. 🙂

I am actually hoping that as Bear recovers, I can slowly wean him off some of these rugs…  But would you do this for your dog?  

This weekend at the lake, Bear still can’t go up and down stairs.. so what does that mean?  He usually sleeps upstairs with us and he can’t make it up to our room.. so what are we doing?  We are sleeping on the fold out couch in the computer room!  The things we will do for our puppy!  

Its been two weeks now, and no more pain medication, and Bear is putting a little bit of weight on it.  He and Pat took a walk around the block last night so we are on our way!  We are told that he should be completely recovered in about six weeks.  Then he’ll be back to his swimming, playing fetch in the lake, boat rides, and running…  I am sure if Bear could talk he would tell you he can’t wait!  Neither can we!



One thought on “The Things We Do For Our Puppies…

  1. Awe… big “bear hug” to Bear and you guys ❤

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