A “Classic” Weekend at Lake James

Weekends at the lake are never dull! In the summer we do plenty of swimming and boating. In the early mornings we sometimes sneak in some fishing time, and in the evenings there are bonfires and yummy s’mores.

At Lake James there are also some activities planned by the Lake Association. Whenever possible, we try to check them out as well. Last weekend was one of those opportunities, as the Lake Association planned their annual Antique Classic Car and Boat show. This event was held about a mile from our lake home, usually draws a couple hundred people over the course of the afternoon. They stop by to check out some of the old boats and cars, and there are also vendors there selling pottery, artwork and other items.  Many of the items are nautical themed which I love!

My mom was eyeing up some watercolor artwork for her newly re-decorated sunroom. There were so many sailboats and lighthouse pictures. But she decided to hold off for a more lake-themed picture.  But the talent there was amazing!

They also had a live band playing country music.  They were really pretty good and it added to the festive atmosphere!  When I stepped out of the car they were playing Pontoon… one of my favorite songs from last summer!  How appropriate for a boat show!  It was great!

As you can see from the pictures, I really didn’t pay much attention to the cars, although there are quite a few of those as well. The things I am most interested in are the classic wooden boats! They are just gorgeous! I have always admired them seeing them cruising around the lake, but here I was able to see them up close. It would be a dream of mine to own one of these!

Take a look at this one! I reminded me of the boat in On Golden Pond, one of my favorite movies. When I saw this one, I immediately thought of that. I half expected Norman to hop in and take the wheel to head out and catch Walter!



Here are some other “Classic” boats I loved!

It was a fun afternoon!  They were also selling Lake James T-shirts!  My mom bought one as a belated birthday gift for me!  Isn’t it so cute!  

See the embroidered heron on the t-shirt?  It’s Clyde! (The heron we see near our house!)


I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  



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