A Long Awaited Week at the Lake and the Cutest Knitting Project EVER!

Finally!  We are enjoying a full week at the lake!  Last night (Sunday) we took a boat ride as the sun was setting and the lake was so calm!  You just don’t see that on the weekends unless you get up really early!  I can’t believe we get to stay here the whole week!  I have plans to do lots of swimming, boating, and fishing.  And when I’m not doing that I’ll catch up on reading, and work on my knitting projects.  Of course I will love spending time with my mom, Pat, and my son Tommy.  The only person we are missing is Amy but I am hoping we will see her later this week!

This morning, Tommy and I were up early fishing.  We caught about 6 pan fish (blue gill, perch, sunfish, and rock bass).  I think I may have almost caught a really big fish, but it broke my line so I never actually saw the fish. (yea.. I know.. I fish story!)  Later today we took a long boat ride with Bear and I got to do some swimming!  The lake is a little cooler than it was around mid July, but it is still really nice!  

Here’s Bear on a boat ride!  He is so happy that he finally has recovered from his surgery enough to be able to take a boat ride.  He loves the sights and smells on the lake, as well as the other boats, and birds around the lake.  He is definitely a lake dog!

When I got in from our boat ride I finally finished the cutest knitting project I’ve ever done!  I found Julie’s blog Little Cotton Rabbits, about 6 months ago, and I fell in love with them.  She is a lovely, talented woman who makes and sells these amazing knit toys.  I admire her talent, as well as her ability to face challenges in her life with strength and grace.  

When I saw these amazing toy bunnies, elephants, and other animals, I wanted so badly to figure out how to make them!  She sells the toys she makes, so I could have bought one, but for me, the challenge was to figure out how to make them.  I searched the internet for how I could put together a pattern similar to what she has.  I bought a few knitted toy books but they just didn’t compare to what she had made.  

Finally, in May, Julie announced that she was going to be selling some of her knitted toy patterns!  I was thrilled!  I couldn’t wait to get them and get started!  A couple of weeks later I purchased and downloaded these patterns from Julie’s website. 

So all summer, I’ve wanted to make these.  But one thing you should know about me is that I am a “one book, one project at a time girl”  I don’t start a book until I finish the one I’m reading, and I don’t start a knitting project until I’ve finished the previous project.   So while I was dying to get started on this new project, I still had to finish the Truckee Shawlette I was working on.  Well I finished it about two weeks ago, and I bet I had the knitting needles clacking on this new project the very next day!

The instructions Julie gives for these bunnies is very detailed, with lots of illustrations.  I took my time with this to make sure I did it just right.  

First I knitted the head, stuffed it and made the face..  So cute!

Then I knitted the body.  The girl bunny has tights, so you knit those right along with the body.

After that I knitted the legs..  These have tights and cute little shoes that you knit right along with the legs.  I wish I had taken a picture of the knitting process of these legs and shoes, but I forgot!  I stuffed the legs and body and then attached it all together.

Are those shoes not the cutest thing ever??  Looks a little funny without the arms though!  Well they were next!  And then on to knit some clothes for this darling bunny!

And here it is finished!  I chose red, white, and blue because I love nautical things.  I am so thrilled that for my first try, this bunny turned out so well!

I can’t wait to get started on the Boy Bunny! (Probably as soon as I post this blog! Ha!)  I am going to make him with matching red, white, and blue clothes. 

I’ll also be posting this on my Ravelry site

Now that I have this darling girl bunny I need to think of a name for her.  So the big question.. What should I name her?  Any good ideas?

Well, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I know I am!  

Take Care


2 thoughts on “A Long Awaited Week at the Lake and the Cutest Knitting Project EVER!

  1. Thanks for sharing, Sandy 🙂 This IS one of the super-cutest knitting project I’ve EVER seen! So good to see Bear out for a boat ride, and all your great lake pics ❤

  2. […] a few weeks ago when I finished knitting that darling girl bunny?  About 6 months ago I found Julie, and her blog, Little Cotton Rabbits.  She makes the […]

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