SomeBunny New!

Remember a few weeks ago when I finished knitting that darling girl bunny?  About 6 months ago I found Julie, and her blog, Little Cotton Rabbits.  She makes the most amazing knitted animals, that I immediately fell in love with them.  She sells them on her website when she gets some of them knitted up.   And from the comments I’ve seen, people love them and can’t wait to purchase them.

But you know me… the do-it-yourself girl… I thought.. there has to be a pattern out there that I can use to make something like this.  So I started my search.  Yarn stores,, magazines, Google searches..  I looked everywhere.  I even ordered some books from Amazon for knitting bears and other various animals, and found a book at the Yarnery in Angola, that showed how to knit animals.  They were cute, and had lots of clothes options, but I just wasn’t motivated to give it a try yet.

Well my dream came true sometime in May when Julie announced that she was in the process of writing out some of her patterns and would be making them available on Ravelry and her website.  I could hardly wait!  I think I purchased and downloaded her first two patterns the first day they were available!  It was these two bunnies!  

First I knitted up the girl bunny.  I followed the pattern very carefully.  I used my own colors, but other than that, I wanted to make my bunny look just like hers, so I didn’t vary from the pattern at all. (except for a small mistake I will never fess up to!!)

She turned out so cute!  

 After this bunny turned out so well, I had to start the boy bunny pattern right away!  🙂

This time I decided to be a bit more adventurous!  (no…  I wasn’t going to stray too far from the pattern, but I really wanted more of a nautical feel to my bunny…)  So I looked around in cyberspace for something I could put on the boy’s sweater to give it more of a “lake feel”.  I found an anchor on a toy pattern by Debbie Birkin on Ravelry and decided to center it on the sweater.  

This bunny has an eye-patch (Julie called it piebald) look and two different colors for the ears.  Except for the color changes, the basic body pattern is very similar.  And, of course, since it is a boy…. no Mary Janes!

Here he is almost completely made.. still missing the arms and the clothes.

 I really love Julie’s patterns.  They are so well illustrated, and she provides a lot of helpful hints.  A pattern for one of these bunnies is about 15 pages long for the toy and the clothes.  I had never made anything like this before, and I think they turned out really well!  

So now my little girl bunny has a boyfriend!  Don’t they look happy together???

Now the big question…

What should I name these two???  Don’t you think they need names as cute as they are???

Please leave me a comment with your idea for a names.  I’d love to hear from you!

I hope you are all having a great week!  We are supposed to have weather in the 90’s the next few days!  So funny since August was such a cool month!  Well, I’ll take it!  I hope the lake is warm enough next weekend that I can get in one last swim!

Don’t forget to comment on some names!  




One thought on “SomeBunny New!

  1. Good work, Sandy… you match-maker, you ❤ They make a cute couple! Maybe name them Q & T … ??? 🙂

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