Road Trip!


Wow!  What a great time I have been having the last few weeks!  Sorry I haven’t had much time to check in.  But I’m hoping to get you all caught up with the things that I’ve been doing lately!

A couple of weeks ago, Pat, my mom, and I took a road trip to New Hampshire to visit my brother and his family who live there.  What a marvelous time we had!  The weather was a bit rainy, but we did see some beautiful scenery and enjoyed some wonderful family time! 

My brother and his wife moved to New Hampshire right out of college and have been there 28 years, as he reminded me when I was there.  It is such a beautiful area and so different from Ohio and Indiana where I have spent most of my life.  In Ohio, the land is so flat that you can see for miles around.  When you travel, it is most often in a straight line, North to South, or East to West.  In New Hampshire it has so many mountains that roads wind all over the place.  I would be totally lost if I lived out there!  But as far as seeing for miles… you can still do that, from the top of one of the mountains.  What views he has from his house that is on the top of one!

I thought I’d share some of the gorgeous photos from our trip!

This is the view from my brother’s back yard!  Gorgeous!

This is what I saw when I woke up each morning!  Loved it! 



These roads wind everywhere!  And with the trees and mountains all around, I just know I would be lost!  šŸ™‚

Aren’t these rock walls cool?  This one is along my brother’s property.  It makes you wonder how long it has been there…  (I get so caught up in thinking about history when I am out on the east coast.  šŸ™‚  )

And of course, no trip is complete without a trip to the Lobster Boat!  The best Lobster Roll I’ve ever had!  



Even though the weather wasn’t always sunny it was still beautiful!  Way too soon, we had to head back home and to the real world.  We had such a good time visiting my family!  They were such wonderful hosts!

I’ll be back soon with the knitting project I worked on during the trip!  Car trips are great for knitting!

Don’t you just love escaping the real world for a while, and taking road trips?  What was your favorite one?

See you soon!








3 thoughts on “Road Trip!

  1. We LOVED having you all here. At least the sun peaked out for a bit. Of course, it’s been gorgeous here since you left! Love the pictures.

  2. We had such a nice time! Your house is beautiful! Thanks so much for having us! Love you!

  3. Gorgeous pics, Sandy! So glad you could go see your brother & family šŸ™‚ I totally ā¤ the east coast’s vivid autumn scenery… and someday hope to see it in real life!

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