Nicholas the Christmas Bunny

Nicholas the Christmas Bunny has appeared at my house!  Nope, he didn’t come on a sleigh or slide down the chimney, but I am so excited that he has arrived!  He will be overseeing all of the Christmas decorating that we will be doing next week after the Thanksgiving holiday!  

For Nicholas, I experimented with a bit of a mix of the boy and girl bunny pattern. The head is more from the Girl bunny, and the rest of the body is more like the boy.

I also experimented with the clothes.  I love the sweater, but after making the shorts for both a boy bunny and my fox, I wanted to try something new. I came up with the idea to do red overalls.. sort of what I would imagine Santa would wear at the North Pole while he is working in the toy factory! 🙂

I started with the idea of the shorts in Julie’s pattern.
Cast on 36 stitches
Knit 3 rows
  Row 4 (k4, KLL) Repeat to the end of the row.
  Row 5-11 Purl and Knit in stockinette pattern.
  Row 12 (k4, KLL) Repeat to the end of the row.
  Continue in stockinette pattern to row 22.
Row 22 Divide the total number of stitches by 2. Follow the Little Cotton Rabbits pattern to start the first pants leg using the calculated number of stitches.
  Row 23-35 Purl and knit in stockinette pattern
  Row 36 (k3, k2tog) Repeat to the end of the leg row.
Row 37 knit
Row 38 knit
Row 39 cast off
Finish the other leg in the same pattern as rows 22-39

Now to make the bib for the overalls, pick up stitches 14-23 (10 stitches in the center of the waist of the pants)
  Row1 k2, p6, k2 (wrong side)
  Row 2 k10
Repeat for rows 3-6
  Row 7 K10
  Row 8 K10
Row 9 Cast off in knit

Finally make two bib straps by casting on about 20 stitches each, then casting off all 20 stitches.

Sew the pants in the same manner as the boy shorts in the Boy Bunny Little Cotton Rabbits pattern. Be sure to leave an opening for the bunny’s tail. 🙂
Sew the straps to the bib and pants waistband.

I think the bib overalls came out really well!  Just the right amount of room in the pants, I think.  Then just made a white sweater for underneath.  

Don’t worry, I think Nicholas will be joined by Jessica soon, who will be also helping to oversee the Christmas decorating next week. 🙂

I hope you are all having a wonderful week!  I am collecting all the recipes for my Thanksgiving weekend snacks and meals.  Some of my favorites coming soon!


5 thoughts on “Nicholas the Christmas Bunny

  1. This is so cute and inventive. Thanks so much for your mods.

    • Thanks! I really like making the clothes for these animals. It’s really fun to try slight variations to see if I like how they turn out! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. Another cutie, Sandy 🙂 What is the “KLL” abbreviation?

  3. Thanks Jackie! KLL is Knit Left Loop. It’s an increase knitting stitch. Here is the YouTube video I used to figure out what to do.
    Hope all is well!

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