Just In Time For Christmas… Jessica

It seems that it’s been a long time since I posted! I have been so busy with the Thanksgiving holiday and then getting ready for Christmas! We have such a short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year that I really had to get moving to accomplish all that I wanted to do!

One of the things I wanted to accomplish before Christmas was to knit a “bunny friend” for Nicholas, the bunny I had most recently finished.  

So I made Jessica…  Why call her Jessica you ask?  Well if you are as old as I am you will remember this older animated Christmas show called Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  In that it tells the story of how Santa Claus started delivering toys and how he met Jessica, who later became Mrs. Claus.

Nicholas and Jessica

I wanted her to have a Christmas colored dress and to try out some color patterns in the dress.  I had seen in the Little Cotton Rabbits Ravelry group, that a knitter named Suzymarie, had increased the number of stitches in the dress skirt to make it fuller.  I thought I would try that, too.

Using the Seasonal Dress Pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits.  I increased my cast on stitches from 66 to 100.  I used and even number of 100 so that I could work the checkerboard pattern around the bottom hem of the dress.  This allowed the stitches to come out evenly all the way around.  Then when I got to about 3 rows from the waist, I decreased back down to the 36 stitches the pattern calls for by doing some decreases in the 3rd row from the waist and some on the 1st row from the waist.  This made for a much fuller and more feminine looking skirt.  

I really love how this dress turned out!  And now Nicholas, my other Christmas Bunny had a friend.  The problem was, looking at Nicholas and Jessica together, Jessica looked way more “Christmassy” than Nicholas.  So I thought I would make a Santa hat for Nicholas.  

Making a stocking cap didn’t seem like it would be that hard.  Kind of like making a triangle and then stitching it together to make a cone.  The problem was how would I keep it on Nicholas’ head?  I didn’t want to sew it on, so I came up with the idea of making “buttonholes” in the triangle to put the bunny ears though. 

  • I started by casting on 100 stitches in white yarn(or enough to fit easily around the bunny’s head).  
  • Then I knit 4 rows of the white to make the “fur” trim on the hat.  
  • I knit about 4 more rows in red.
  • Then I made the buttonholes to match the placement of the ears on each side of the hat. (knit about 13 stitches, then did a 6 stitch buttonhole (cast off the 6 stitches), knit until I was 19 stitches from the other side and did a 6 stitch buttonhole, and 13 more stitches.
  • When I turned, I added the stitches back on.  I purled the 13 stitches, wrapped the needle with 6 stitches, and then purled to the other side, wrapped 6 times, and did the final 13 stitches.  
  • The next row I knit all the way across.  
  • After that, I decreased one stitch on each side, every other row, to make the triangle.  
  • I finished when I had 3 stitches and cut the yarn leaving about a 10 inch tail.  
  • I then threaded a tapestry needle with the yarn, and threaded it through the last three stitches, pulling them to a point and then used the needle to sew the hat together.

Finally, I found a You Tube video that showed me how to make a small pom-pom for the hat.  So now Nicholas is looking a bit more “festive”, but I think he might still be missing something.  I am thinking I would like to add a little green to him to make him coordinate better with Jessica.  

Maybe a green and white striped scarf for around his neck?  Any other ideas?  Or should I leave well enough alone?

I’d love to hear your opinion!   

I hope you are all happy, healthy, and enjoying this holiday season!


7 thoughts on “Just In Time For Christmas… Jessica

  1. Adorable Sandy! Hmmm….green. Mittens? A scarf is great. To bad it’s too late for a green Christmas tree or holly leaf on his bib. That’s for the next one I guess. I think they are so, so cute!

    • There is actually something called intarsia where you can stitch on top of your knitting, just like we used to do with Cross stitch, but looking more like a knit stitch so it covers up the actual knitted stitch. So maybe I could put holly or a tree on the bib or hat, still. Thanks for the suggestion! Hope you are enjoying getting ready for Christmas! ūüôā

  2. I love your bunnies! I think a scarf and maybe a little holly on his hat would do it!

    • I think the scarf would be cute too. I have to figure out if I could make holly that small that would still look like holly! Thanks so much for the compliment! Merry Christmas, Sarah! ūüôā

  3. You knit the cutest bunnies, Sandy ‚̧ How about a pair of elf slippers?

  4. Absolutely adorable Sandy! Your bunnies are brilliant and look very much in love….heehee. Hmmmm, I think a green button or two could work on Nicholas’s torso perhaps xxx

  5. […] The incredibly talented¬†Sandy of Live Love Lake¬†has entered her two AMAZING Christmas bunnies ¬†Nicholas and Jessica¬†¬†this month. Not only do they look like the happiest couple in town, I have a feeling they will be […]

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