Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along coming!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful time with their family and friends during this most special time of year.  I sure am!  Although my mom left yesterday and we are missing her, I am still enjoying having my son and daughter home.  So this blog post will be short, today, as I want to spend as much time with them as I can.  But I came upon some news yesterday and wanted to share it early enough that any of my knitting friends might have enough time to join in!

Jimmy Beans Wool is hosting mystery knit-along that is themed after Downton Abbey again!  This project will be a shawl and portions of the pattern will be revealed each morning of the day a Downton Abbey episode is shown.  There will actually be two patterns.. one for beginners, and one for intermediate level knitters!  So don’t be afraid to join in!

As I understand it, the directions as they are revealed, will be similar to a “drinking game”.  For example, the instructions will say, “when Bates sneezes, knit 4 rows of seed stitch”.  For those who are unable to watch or want more specific instructions, the full instructions for that episode will be revealed the next day after that episode airs.

Last year Mom and I did three knit-alongs and we had a blast with them!  Here are the projects we did last year!

Finished_Right_Gauntlet.JPG Truckee_Shawlette.JPG Winter_is_Coming_Cowl.JPG

As we already know it will be a shawl, we won’t be guessing what it is each week, but we will be enjoying finding out what the different patterns look like.  We have already ordered our Lorna’s Laces yarn from Jimmy Beans Wool.  But if you have a local yarn store you can go get any DK weight yarn to use.  

The instructions for the knit along are here on Ravelry.  I really hope you will join!

Season 4 airs January 5, 2014, so we will be ready, with our yarn, instructions, and maybe a glass of wine!

Here’s a preview, from PBS, of Season 4, just to get you excited.

I’ll be back soon to tell you more about my holidays, but for now, back to my family!





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