A Super Warm Scarf, And So Easy!

Here’s another scarf I knitted up this weekend using some Cascade Magnum yarn from my stash!  And just in time!  This week the temperatures have plunged well below zero!  Last night the temperature when I went to bed was -15F with a wind chill temperature of -39F.  


A nice cozy, bulky scarf will be perfect for this kind of frigid weather!  

I found this Chunky Cable Cowl on Ravelry and downloaded the pattern.  I had this bright and cheery lime green Cascade Magnum Super Chunky yarn I bought last year that would be perfect for this.  I actually got this yarn in a blue (called Aporto) last year, also, and shared that color with my mom so she could knit one of these scarves too!  I am sure we will be enjoying our finished scarves this winter! 

The pattern is knit in a long strip and then attached to make a circle.  It was really a very simple knit, with a 12 row repeating pattern of knit, purl, and a cable.  

I’ve been staying home the last couple of days due to snow and cold, but tomorrow I will be venturing out, and you can bet I will be wearing this!  I am sure it will be just what I need to keep the chill away!


Stay warm and healthy!



One thought on “A Super Warm Scarf, And So Easy!

  1. Great cowl, Sandy 🙂 You definitely need knits like that for those frigid, windchill temps! You and your mom are so close-knit and that’s a warm thought! ❤

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