What A Nice Surprise!


This morning I opened my email and received such a nice surprise!   A few weeks ago I submitted my knit bunnies, Nicholas and Jessica, in the Christmas Made It Challenge offered by my friend Maryanne at Woolhogs


Every month she asks people to make something and submit it to her Made It Challenge. You can make one or more entries, and submit as many as you want.  Then at the end of the month she opens the challenge up for people to vote for their favorites. There were so many fabulous entries made by talented people!

I am so proud and honored to say that Nicholas and Jessica won the Voter’s Choice Award for this month! 

Isn’t that great news?  It really made my day!  Thank you so much Maryanne and all of the people who voted for Nicholas and Jessica!  I am now proudly displaying my award on my blog. 🙂

Maryanne is skipping the month of January and is going to have her challenge again in February.  So I better get busy with my next entry! 

Hmmmmmmmmm….. What should it be?

Have a wonderful day!  I sure did!



5 thoughts on “What A Nice Surprise!

  1. Meg(Chesebro)Ramlow

    CUTEST ever! Congratulations!

    • Thanks Meg! They were really fun to make! I am on the search for my next “winter project”! Anything to get through this FRIGID weather!

  2. You deserve being the winner! you did a great job! There is no way I could ever make these bunnies,toooooo much work!

    • thanks Gertie! I bet you could too! You with your amazing sewing talent! I am sure you could do this. 🙂 For me, knitting is a good stress reliever. I really enjoy sitting down in the evenings and knitting. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Congratulations Sandy ❤ Nicholas and Jessica are just so adorable! Good luck with your February entry!

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