Winter: It’s Made For Knitting!

This winter I have been doing A LOT of knitting.  

Let’s face it, the weather has been so cold I’m sure not going too many places after work!  Here in Ohio, we have had wind chills of -40 degrees, colder than any winter we’ve had in more than 20 years.  And the snow…  I think our total snowfall for the month of January alone, was between 40-50 inches!  

Yesterday we finally had temperatures in the mid to upper 30’s and rain.. so I could FINALLY see some of the snow melting.  I went to bed last night, able to see our deck and patio, and also seeing a few patches of soggy grass.  Messy, but at least the snow was disappearing…

But what a surprise this morning!  I woke up to 4-5 inches of NEW SNOW!!!  Beautiful….  BUT this just needs to STOP!  Of course, with it being Groundhog Day, after I got over my shock, I checked online to see if Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year..  BAD NEWS.  Six more weeks of winter…  Ha ha.. I only had to look outside my window to see that!



So with all of this cold and snow, can you blame me for spending almost all of my free time curled up on the couch, knitting?  The problem is I have several projects I am working on at the same time.  So it has taken me quite a while to have something to show.  

Today I finally finished the latest in my collection of knitted animals.  And I just love her!  

Meet Valerie, my newest Valentine Bunny!

I again used the patterns created by the wonderfully talented Julie at Little Cotton Rabbits.  I adapted her cap-sleeved seasonal dress pattern to make something of my own creation using the inspiration I have gotten from Suzymarie on Ravelry who makes the most amazing bunny dresses.  I think Valerie turned out so well!

  I still have several other projects to complete.  I am doing a mystery Knit along with the Jimmy Beans Wool Ravelry group and I am hopelessly behind.  But I love the beautiful Lorna’s Laces Honor yarn I am working with, so I am plugging away!  I am also knitting another Burberry Inspired Cowl to keep me warm on these cold, cold days.  And finally, I promised my friend Jackie at Knitting with Heart, I would be working on creating some of her Bramble-tini Hearts.  These darling little hearts can be used for so many things!  Bookmarks, garland, wreaths, and accents to many other decorations.  I just saw that she posted a FREE PATTERN for making a knit heart ring and bracelet!  You can find her post and link to the pattern here.  With Valentine’s Day not that far away, what better gift, than a handmade heart bracelet or ring! 

It looks like we have at least 6 more weeks of winter…  so I am sure I have lots of knitting hours ahead of me!  So hopefully I will be making more progress on these other projects, soon!

Have a wonderful day!  And stay warm!


7 thoughts on “Winter: It’s Made For Knitting!

  1. Thank you for the link and your lovely write-up, Sandy 🙂 You are a talented knitter and Valentiny Valerie is totally adorable! Your pics of the snow are absolutely gorgeous, but oh my goodness… your winter sounds as cold as ours! Keep knitting and keep warm 🙂 ❤

    • You are very welcome! I can’t wait to show off some finished hearts!! 🙂 and you are right! I think we are getting Canadian weather! Take care!

  2. Valerie is just stunning in her Valentine dress. I’ve been a fan of Little Cotton Rabbit for several years now and it’s great to see what others are doing with her patterns. I think you got hit harder than us in Northern IL with the snow, but we’ve been getting the cold and wind. It’s getting difficult to find a place to put some of the snow around town.

    • Thank you so much Diane! I really have fun making up patterns for these dresses! I am looking forward to Julie’s next patterns! She is so talented! We are expecting another 8-12 inches of snow tomorrow night into Wednesday! I feel like the groundhog and need to burrow back into my house and wait until Spring! Stay warm and take care!

  3. Valerie is sensational!!! I adore her dress xxxxx

  4. […] the Made It, you’ll know that Sandy makes the most amazing knitted animals. Meet the lovable Valerie, her Valentine Bunny – and look at her dress!!! Please pop over and browse her blog, it’s truly inspirational […]

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