A Great Family Weekend!


I love my family!

While I have a brother who lives here in the same town with me, and my mom is only two hours away, my other brother lives about 700 miles away.  I don’t get to see him nearly as much as I would like!

Growing up, I was very close to my brothers.  There is only 3 years between me (the oldest), and my youngest brother.  Since our family spent so many weekends at the lake, the three of us spent many summer weekends doing EVERYTHING together. 

So many summer days we spent riding around in our little fishing boat.  The same fishing boat that we still use now!  We would stop and swim so many places, or beach the boat on an island and wander around.  Other times we’d hike back into the woods to a place we called “Big Rock”.  (Ha Ha  Any ideas why?)  


We all learned to water ski the same summer.  We had so much fun together.  It is these memories of times with them that make me love the lake so much!

At home, I often spent time hanging out with my brothers and their friends, too.  I wasn’t really a tomboy, but was used to playing with Matchbox cars, and Hot Wheels tracks.  When they played baseball or other sports, or went on bike rides with their friends, I usually tagged along too.  I guess when you are the only girl with brothers, you learn to do whatever they want to do.  Its either that or spend a lot of time by yourself!

The reason I am so nostalgic about time spent with my brothers is that I got to spend time with BOTH of them last weekend!!  We all got together to celebrate Mom’s 80th birthday.  


Not only did my brothers come, but their families did too.  With so many grown grandkids in the family, it was so special that they all came.  I loved hearing all of the cousins laughing and catching up.  They don’t see each other that often, but they sure enjoy their times together!  And I loved spending time with my “sisters”, too.  Since I didn’t grow up having any, I sure appreciate them! 

Saturday night we took mom to Mancy’s, an AMAZING steakhouse in Toledo (about 40 minutes from our house).  Years ago my parents would take us there for very special occasions, where we would all dress up and celebrate anniversaries or milestone birthdays.  It definitely lived up to our memories!  We had a great time!  Mom loved having her family all together!

I sure wish we get together more often!  Hopefully we’ll find another reason to get together SOON!

Have a wonderful week!



3 thoughts on “A Great Family Weekend!

  1. love the picture! It was so nice to have all of you together.

  2. So glad you could all get together! Our family is spread all across the country (even into Ohio), so getting together is always a big effort. We’re actually planning an 80th b-day celebration for my husband’s mom this summer 🙂 Happy Birthday to your mom! ❤

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