A Very Special Day!

 Amy's Birthday Cake 2014

Today is a really special day! It is my daughter’s 24th birthday! I can’t help but be a little nostalgic each year on her birthday. She is my youngest child and only daughter.  I think back about all of the years we have had together and what a blessing she has been in my life.  It has gone by so fast and I can’t believe she is 24!

The Birthday Girl

I am so proud of the young woman she has become.  She is an amazing teacher with such a kind heart for all of her students.  She runs an after school program to help students with their homework and also does tutoring. And after all of that, she has time to create a fashion blog called Classy in The Classroom.  This blog is to show teachers and other young professionals how to you can dress well on a budget.  

Well today was all about her!  We spent the day together.  We went shopping, then went to dinner, and I made her this amazing Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake that we found on Pinterest.  I think it was a hit!

Birthday Girl and cake

Happy birthday to my girl!

Another thing I finished this week, was a new, knitted fox.  Just in time for Saint Patrick’s Day!  

St Patrick's Day Fox

I made the fox with this amazing ginger colored yarn.  When I was looking through my stash of yarn, I came upon this yarn it is just seemed perfect for a fox.  And since it was nearly Saint Patrick’s day, I thought I would make a green and white dress with shamrock patterns.  

Knitting the shamrocks

I have an iPad app that lets me “plan out” my pattern, but using graph paper would probably work just as well.  

Chart for dress

I actually planned more pattern than I had room for šŸ™‚ , but I still used it as a template for what I wanted to do.  The largest pattern I was making was the shamrock, and it was a pattern of 7 squares wide.  With a space separating each side, that meant it was a 9 space pattern, and so knitting cast on for the skirt had to be a multiple of 9.  So I started with 108 stitches for the skirt and then when I got to the waist, I knit two together to reduce it by half (54 stitches).  Then I repeated knit 1 and knit 2 together on the next row to reduce to 36 stitches.  I was then ready to make the bodice of the dress and followed the pattern for Seasonal Dresses pattern to make a cap sleeved bodice.  I’ll be putting the details of the yarn and patterns I used on Ravelry so check it out if you want to give it a try.

Honestly, the dresses are my favorite part!  


Anyway, I have the cutest Saint Patrick’s Day fox just in time for the day! ….. Hmmmmmm Patricia?

Tomorrow, I will be wearing green to work.  I need to figure out what I have in my closet.  And maybe I’ll make Reuben’s for dinner!  

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone, and a special Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter!

4 thoughts on “A Very Special Day!

  1. Happy Birthday. Amy!!!!!!! I love the Fox!

  2. Belated b-day wishes for your daughter šŸ™‚ And wOw Sandy, another super-adorable knit! Patricia is a foxy lady, for sure ā¤ What iPad app do you use for planning out your designs?

    • Thanks! I can’t believe she is 24! šŸ™‚ The iPad app I use is called DesignKNIT. It lets you create grids of any size, and it allows you to create patterns with both different symbols and different colors (or both). Hope you are enjoying your almost Spring! Freezing temps here most of this week, but the daffodils are coming up!

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