Another Mystery Knit Along in the Books

lake April 4 2014Sorry it’s been so long!  But I have been a very busy girl! 

Just a quick catch up on what I’ve been up to…

I took a “girls week” off from work, to enjoy time with my daughter and my mom.  We made a trip to the lake and took an afternoon and visited Shipshewana, a really neat town in Indiana’s Amish country that has amazing shopping and such neat shops to browse through. We had a great time together, and I loved seeing the ice finally melting from the lake!  Spring is coming!!

After that week, I’ve had an emotional couple of weeks as my daughter prepares to move into her first apartment.  She and I are so close and I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed having her home the last two years since her college graduation.  I know she is only across town, and I am very excited for her as she begins this new adventure.  But it has still an emotional time for me.  Now my husband and I are really empty nesters.. It’s new chapter for us too.

The Birthday Girl


So, onto what I have been doing to keep my sanity and emotions in check…

About a month and a half ago I found that Barbara Prime at Fuzzy Mittens was doing a mystery knit along (of a knitted animal)!  Well that was right up my alley!  I thought, as much as I love the bunnies and foxes I have been making, it would be great to try something different to see what I could do with some other animals.

Mystery Knit Along

This knit along was supposed to last 6 weeks and the initial instructions called for a brown or rust colored worsted yarn, as well as a cream-colored worsted, as well as a DK or sport weight yarn in any other color. 

OK.. I started with my guessing.  With the idea of a rust colored yarn for a main color, I thought.. hmmmmm  fox?  Well I was kind of hoping not as I already make foxes, but I got my yarn and started with Week 1.

Week one was making the clothes.. It turned out with week 1 and week 2,  to be a small cardigan sweater. 


Then the following weeks, I did the arms and legs.  Still I had no clue what the mystery animal was.  Finally the 4th week we did the head, and based on the shape I was thinking it could be a deer or maybe still a fox?  The clue in week 5 cinched it for me!  We were making the body of the animal, and it had a POUCH!  A Kangaroo!  How cute is that?

Kangaroo Week 5

Here is a picture of the kangaroo when I finally put all the pieces together before sewing it together.  I was loving it!

But then there was week 6.  A tail I assumed… but there was an added surprise!  The pattern for week 6 included making a little joey (baby kangaroo) for the pouch! 

Here is the finished kangaroo and joey! 

Kangaroo 2 Kangaroo and Baby

 This mystery knit along was so much fun!  I really, really enjoyed making this darling animal, and I can’t wait to try it again, now that I know what I’m making. 

I also have another animal in the works that I hope to show later this week. (keeping myself busy keeps me happy!)

In the mean time, blessings to all of you as we enter this Holy week. 


One thought on “Another Mystery Knit Along in the Books

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