Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

Peter Cottontail

Happy Easter everyone!!!

OK. so Easter was yesterday, but I hope everyone had a wonderful day, anyway.

I spent the weekend at the lake with Mom and my family.  YES!  Spring has definitely sprung!  The ice is completely off the lake and docks are going in!  We saw several boats on the lake.  You can see activity all around the lake, as people are cleaning up their yards, and pulling out their lawn furniture. 

I absolutely love this time of year at the lake.  It is like everything was hibernating for the last few months and everything is finally waking up!

Well, I was anxious to have a cute Peter Cottontail finished in time for Easter.  And I just made it. This little bunny is one of the patterns from Barbara Prime who publishes several patterns on Ravelry or her Fuzzy Mitten websiteThe kangaroo I did recently, was also her pattern.  The patterns are very well written and easy to understand.  I’ve been really happy with what I’ve made so far.

I made the bunny pretty quickly but my hold-up was trying to find just the right yarn for this little guy’s vest.  Finally, I found this gorgeous variegated yarn at Mom’s local yarn shop.  It was Cascade Ultra Pima Paints in Baby Rainbow.  Perfect!  So I finished my little Peter Cottontail yesterday. Just in time!

Peter Cottontail

This week is off to a pretty good start.  The temperatures hit the 70’s today! Hooray! 

I hope everyone has a great week!



4 thoughts on “Here Comes Peter Cottontail!

  1. What a cute bunny!

  2. I have always wanted to learn to knit! This is just the cutest thing!! I saw the photos of Amy’s new place. It is really cute, but I am sure you miss her terribly. Too bad we dont live closer – you could tech me to knit(: Susan

    • Thanks! Yes, I do miss Amy, but luckily she is not far away so I see her every day or two. And of course we text and call each other all the time! It is the next step in growing up, and I am proud of her ability to handle it so well. And she has really good taste. I love her decorating too! 🙂

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