Ella the Elephant, Ready for the Parade!


EllaI have finished my latest knit cutie from Julie’s latest Little Cotton Rabbits pattern!  I think I’ll call her Ella! 

Elephants from Little Cotton Rabbits

I was so excited when Julie published her elephant patterns.  I immediately purchased and downloaded them.  The pattern didn’t disappoint!  As always, it included complete instructions, illustrations, and lots of hints to make sure I didn’t go wrong in knitting it!  I think for my first attempt, Ella turned out really well!Elephant Head


Elephant Tail2

As it is so close to Memorial Day, I thought I would give her a patriotic look!  I modified the dress pattern, as I have in the past, to make the skirt fuller.  I  just love making-up the patterns for these dresses.

Ella's Dress

And don’t you think Ella looks like she’s ready to be in the Memorial Day Parade?  I do!  She looks so patriotic, she might just be on display for July 4th as well!  

Do you have parades in your hometown?  In Findlay, we have several parades, and as my brother was in the marching band when we were growing up, I attended many of them! 

Memorial Day Parade

Memorial Day is only a week away!  Then summer at the lake will be in full swing 🙂  I can’t wait!

Here is the lake today!  It’s getting more and more beautiful by the day.   Summer is coming!!!

Lake - May 14

Take care and enjoy the upcoming weekend!



3 thoughts on “Ella the Elephant, Ready for the Parade!

  1. LOVE the elephant !!!!!

  2. I would love the pattern please

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