Fourth of July?? Already???

LakePhoto-June 2014 Whew!  This summer has been flying by!  I can’t believe we will be celebrating the Fourth of July in just a couple of days.

Lots of changes have been taking place in my life in the last month or two.  First, after over 30 years of working full-time, I have made the transition to working part-time.  It took quite a bit of soul-searching to come to this decision.  I had such a great job and enjoyed the people I worked with so much.  But I love doing so many other things too.  My knitting, sewing, cooking, trips to the lake with my family, and reading.  I wanted more time to do those things, so early in May I left my job and started working part-time as a software developer at a company I worked for several years ago.

And I am loving it!  🙂

Another really great change that has happened in the last month, is that both of my kids have been offered great jobs here in Findlay.  My son will be moving back to the area in the next few weeks, and my daughter will be teaching 1st grade, starting in the Fall, in one of our city’s elementary schools!  It will be so great to have them both here in town!  I am one happy mom! 

Of course this transition to part-time work took some adjustment!  The first few weeks, on my days off work,  I rushed around trying to accomplish so much.  I felt I needed to justify my time that I wasn’t working, by cleaning, knitting, or sewing.  Just to prove, at the end of the day, that I had done the right thing.  I think I have settled down a bit, now, but I still don’t like to waste my time off.  🙂

Sooooo…  I have just finished Edward the Elephant!  EdwardsweaterIsn’t this sweater so cute?  I loved the patterns knit into it!   Ella and Edward  But given that it is July, it just seemed way too HOT for Edward to wear this right now!Edward2So I knitted him a little TANK TOP  🙂   So now he looks like he is ready for a day out on the lake!Ella and Edward2  I know a couple of dogs that are sure ready to spend some time out on the lake too!  Lake_Dogs I hope everyone enjoys their holiday weekend!    wq-lgflag        

8 thoughts on “Fourth of July?? Already???

  1. Congrats on your Part-time move! I love the elephants! 🙂

  2. Wow – good for you! I am glad it means you get to enjoy your summer and hobbies more. Eventually, you will settle down to a rhythm for those days off, I am sure. Great news that the kids will be close by and working. 🙂

  3. Brickparachute

    I loved to read about that new part of your life and the way you talked about it. I can very much relate and I am happy for you that you’ll have more time for your favorite things in the future AND will be closer to your kids again to boot! Very lovely elephant couple for sure!That tank top’s a hoot! ❤

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment! It was a little bit scary to make such a big change, but I am sure I won’t regret it! Glad you like the elephants and my little “modifications”! Have a great day!

  4. Roberta Burnap

    I follow all of your writings and activities and pictures as well as the items you are making , Sandy. I love all of it and I am a loyal and ardent (??) fan !!
    Aunt Roberta.

    • Thanks so much Aunt Roberta! I do have fun with my little animal knitting! 🙂 And it is sure nice to share some of the great views I have at the lake. Love you!

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