Labor Day Weekend – Part 1

Fair at Night

 Happy Labor Day weekend! (Actually as I am writing this, the weekend is almost over!)

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I was so busy this weekend, that in order to tell you about everything that happened, I will be writing this in two parts. 🙂 

First, my wonderful brother and sister-in-law, from New Hampshire were coming back from dropping their son off at college.  They were spending a night at the lake so I drove up to see them and spend some time.  I am so crazy about my brother and his wife, and it was so great to see them!  We went out in the boat for a long ride, and then came back for a great dinner!  We just talked for hours. Just the “brother fix” I needed! 

But the time was short and they were up and gone again early the next morning, to head back home.  Then Mom and I came back to Findlay to go to the Hancock County Fair Friday night.

My niece has horses and is very involved in 4H and showing them.  She was crowned the Horse Queen this year at the fair and we were anxious to see her perform.  We were not disappointed!  She is amazing!

Emily Fair

As the Queen, she carried the flag for the National Anthem. Emily National Anthem

Then she performed a freestyle routine with her horse, Reno that was dedicated to her Grandpa who passed away earlier this year.  So touching!  I’m so proud of her!

Emily - I will see you again


Take a BowOne of the best parts of the evening was that all of our kids were able to come to cheer her on!

Kids at the Fair

We had a great time! 

And OOOOOHHHHHHH!  Did I mention the Fair Food????  Another highlight of the evening!  I think I definitely exceed my calorie quota for the day! (or maybe week!).  But I was so looking forward to the Gyros, French Fries, Carmel Corn, and Lemonade! 

Fair Food

Why is Fair Food so good? 

What is your favorite??



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