Labor Day – Part 2

Meg and Steve

Well, if you read my previous post, yesterday, you would think I already had a pretty eventful weekend.  But that was just Part 1!  After going to the fair on Friday and watching my niece perform with her horse, We still had a big weekend ahead! 

Saturday morning we went to Columbus to attend another niece’s wedding.  This niece is on my husband’s side of the family and he comes from a big family!  When you get this crew together, there are bound to be lots of laughs and fun!  And it sure was!

The wedding was really beautiful and my niece married a guy we have known for a few years.  What a really great person!  And she looked beautiful!  The wedding was in a really pretty church with beautiful windows letting in lots of sunshine.  The minister obviously knew the couple very well so it was really personal and nice.

At the reception, we had such a great time!  Our kids loved reconnecting with their cousins and we enjoyed seeing them too!  We had quite a few of them attending.  From as far away as Minnesota, and Illinois. 


And my husband enjoyed seeing his brothers, sister, and mom.  I, of course, got some teasing, as I always do from his brothers.  But it always makes me feel a part of the crowd so I really don’t mind at all. 🙂  (But don’t tell them that!  They don’t need any encouragement!) 🙂

Brothers and Sister

Another great perk from this weekend is that we got a chance to take a new family picture! 

Family Pic


And here was my handsome date for the evening. 🙂My Handsome Date

Oh! and while we were gone, we left Bear at home with a dog sitter coming in to feed and play with him.  He did great at home.  He made himself really comfortable (the spoiled little pup!)  (Yes!  That is our couch!)

 Spoiled Dog

When we headed home on Sunday, it was so nice to relax a bit from the busy weekend. (And recover from our late night out!)  But we still had one more day for this LOONNNNGGG weekend!

So next post, I will update you on what I did on Monday (Labor Day).  I am pretty proud of myself!  So stay tuned (For Part 3)!




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