Labor Day – 3


I really can’t believe I am still dwelling on Labor Day weekend!  But as you’ve seen, we had a really busy and fun weekend so when Monday (Labor Day) was here, I didn’t just want to sit around the house and wait for Tuesday to go back to work.

For about every Labor Day of my life, I have spent this weekend at the lake.  So since I was home, I wanted to make good use of the time. 

I looked at my kitchen counter on Sunday afternoon, and I knew what I should do!

Too many cucumbers

Ever since I was young, my mom would make sweet pickles and can them, using small cucumbers from the garden.  Well this year, our cucumber plants went WILD!  We had so many, I took some to work to give away, and we ate sliced cucumbers, cucumbers with veggie dip, cucumber sandwiches, cucumbers in salads…. And we STILL had a pile of cucumbers!

So I looked up the recipe my mom always used for “Bread and Butter” pickles in the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.  I had several pint-sized Mason jars and just needed some new lids and a some of the spices called for, in the recipe.  I had never actually canned using a “water bath” before so I figured Monday would be a good day to give this a try!

I sliced the cucumbers really thin using a vegetable slicer.  And I started doing the same with the onions but quickly decided to just chop those.  I put all of that in a big bowl with garlic,  pickling salt, and lots of ice and let it sit for 3 hours according to the recipe.

Sliced Cucumbers

Meanwhile I ran the Mason jars through the dishwasher so they would be clean and hot.

When the 3 hours was up, I drained the cucumbers in my colander and squeezed out as much water as I could.  Then I combined the sugar, vinegar, mustard seed, celery seed, and turmeric in a large pan, and added my cucumbers.  I let it come to a boil and took it off the stove.

I filled my jars and put the lids on, then put them in kettle to process according to the directions.  I was thrilled to find that they all sealed! 


I was so excited to be able to make these pickles!  They are so much better than pickle relish that you buy, and I always wanted to try to make them!  Another great thing about it was that I used lots of the cucumber from our garden, so they aren’t going to waste!

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2 thoughts on “Labor Day – 3

  1. […]  Freezing corn doesn’t require a lot of specialized tools.  I use this very inexpensive vegetable slicer to cut the corn off the cob (I also used this slicer for my cucumbers I made into pickles recently).  […]

  2. Wow, a 3-part long weekend! Good to hear all about it and that you all had such a happy time together! 🙂 ❤ ❤ … pinned your pickle recipe for posterity @

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