It’s Time to Freeze Some Corn!

Don’t you just love this time of year with all the fresh produce that is available?  I live in the northwest Ohio where there are corn fields wherever you look.  We definitely know the phrase “Knee high by the Fourth of July” that is used to describe how high the corn should be by July 4th.  And this summer, the corn was about shoulder-high by the Fourth of July! 

Last week I heard that one of our local markets was predicting that the bi-color sweet corn was only going to be available for another week or so.  I love corn, so I was off to the market to buy a couple dozen ears.  This time of year, it is so inexpensive and so sweet and good.  I decided I would freeze some of it to use this winter.  It would save money and also give us great corn in the winter months!

 Freezing corn doesn’t require a lot of specialized tools.  I use this very inexpensive vegetable slicer to cut the corn off the cob (I also used this slicer for my cucumbers I made into pickles recently). 


You can also use a knife and stand the corn on end and cut it off that way, but this slicer makes everything less messy.

In the past, I always husked all of the corn and then put it in a big pot of water to boil for a few minutes before putting it in cold water.  But I don’t know if you have seen the video circulating this summer where people cook their corn in the microwave, but I thought this might be good to try.

So I used this method to cook the corn.  Just two minutes since I was going to freeze it.  After removing it from the husk, I rinsed it under very cold water and then used my vegetable slicer to cut the corn off the cob by just sliding it along the platform and allowing the blade to cut it.

Freezing Corn Step 1

Then, after cutting the corn off, I spooned the corn into zippered freezer bags.

Freezing Corn Step 3

So Easy!!!

Now I have 10 bags of frozen corn in the freezer!  And at a very inexpensive price! 

Freezing Corn Finished

This winter, I will just take a bag out of the freezer, put it in a pan with a small amount of water and some butter and salt, and I will have amazing sweet corn that tastes just like fresh corn on the cob!

Don’t you just love when you do something so economical and so good for your family?  I sure do!


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