September Day at the Lake — In Pictures

This past weekend, it looked like we would have some pretty nice weather.  In September, you need to grab every chance at a nice day!  So we headed up to Indiana to enjoy the lake!

That day started out gorgeous!  There were people swimming, jet skiing, and tubing.  That is so unusual for after Labor Day!  But it was so great to see and be a part of!

Noon Saturday:

Sept Lake 1

The view is kind of far away but there were about 20 boats at the Sand Bar with people swimming!  I love seeing that in September!  I am definitely NOT ready for summer to be over!

As we were boating around the lake, the clouds started coming in and the wind picked up but it was still really warm.

2:00pm Saturday:

Sept Lake 2

Here we are still out enjoying the lake (actually going past he same spot!) and the sky is filling up with clouds

Eventually the sky got really dark and we knew a storm was coming so we came in and covered the boat!  It’s a good thing we did!  The rain came down in BUCKETS! 

3:00pm Saturday:

Sept Lake 3

Luckily I’m inside!  I thought this picture with the blur from the rain on the window was kind of cool But you can barely see out on the lake with all the rain! (3 hours before it was gorgeous! Boo Hoo!)

After the rain, everything had this really yellow tinge to it.  It looked so strange I had to take a picture. 

5:00pm Saturday:

Sept Lake 4

It’s hard to believe the storm that went through a couple of hours before!  It chased all the people off the lake, that’s for sure!

Good morning!  We woke up to another beautiful but cooler day!


Sept Lake 5

I didn’t really take these pictures on Saturday for any real purpose, but after seeing them all together, it struck me how neat it was to have captured so many different looks of the same day!

 Here’s to hoping for another great weekend this weekend!  So far it is looking like it might be another good one!


One thought on “September Day at the Lake — In Pictures

  1. Your chronological photo sequence is pretty cool, Sandy! And so nice that you could get out there to enjoy some sweet September weather šŸ™‚ ā¤ ā¤

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