A Witchy Friend for a Special Lady

Mom and MeHave I mentioned how much I love spending time with my mom?  Well I do!  She lives at the lake where we spend so much time, so I am happy to say I get to see her a lot! 

My mom has been my best friend through all the great, wonderful, exciting,  and heartbreaking parts of my life.  She wiped my tears during my awkward pre-contacts, pre-braces, pre-teen years.  She celebrated with me, every birthday, grade card, choir performance, synchronized swimming “show” (yes.. I did that!), and piano recital.  She was the one I went to for advice about boyfriends, college choices, career choices, and any drama in my life.  She always knew how I felt before I knew it myself.  Through the tough parts of my life, she made me strong when I didn’t think I could be.

Not only was she there, she shared so many of her talents and interests with me.  As an only daughter, we spent a lot of time together, at the lake, and at home.  Mom taught me her love of reading, cooking, sewing, and knitting.  She enrolled me in sewing classes at the Singer store, at our local mall, when I was about 12, and then took quilting classes with me when I was in my 20’s.  Where would I be without all of these interests in my life, and someone to share them with?

She is the cool mom, who texts, has Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  (She keeps up with all her kids and grandkids that way!).  She also will tell you she doesn’t like silliness, but is the first to jump in and do crazy things.  I love all these things about her!

Bottom Line…. I don’t know what I would do without her!

Mom has long been an admirer of my little knit animals.  About a month ago, she asked me if I would make her a Witch.  Of course I agreed immediately and started making plans for what animal would make the best witch.

I decided on a rust-colored fox, with a black dress, and orange and black tights. 

Witch and Pumpkin

I had to improvise a pattern for the witch’s hat, but I finished her last week and was able to take her to the lake last weekend to give to Mom.  

Travelling Witch 2

Here she is on her way to her new home! Sorry! No broom! 🙂


She was thrilled!

Witch Fox

So this little witch has a new home!  Sorry, won’t be available on my Etsy shop. But I am so glad I was able to do this small thing for my wonderful mom! 


4 thoughts on “A Witchy Friend for a Special Lady

  1. She is a special friend to me also. and I do LOVE your knitted witch!

  2. Awwwe… such a sweet post and not even Mother’s Day! Shall we call her Glinda? 🙂 ❤ ❤

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