Looking forward to the Winter… Lots to do!

With the Christmas Holidays over, I am putting away all of my favorite Christmas decorations and the house is looking a little forlorn.  I always feel this way after the holidays.  The Christmas decorations make everything look so warm and inviting.  So when I put everything away, suddenly my house seems a little empty. 

But I’m not sure I want to fill all those places with more “things”.  In a few weeks this will seem normal again.  It just feels strange the first few days.  Honestly is it good to get things clean and neat again. 

So, I’ve trying to focus on wintry crafts and activities to cheer me up and when I think about it, I have lots to do! 

Winter MouseWinter Mouse3

1. I just finished my newest little knit mouse!  I’ve names him Milton. I imagine he is ready to enjoy a little winter skiing and is well dressed for it with his neat gray wool cable knit sweater!  I’ll be listing him in my Etsy shop this weekend. 

2. Downton Abbey starts Sunday!  I am looking forward to getting caught up with that story again.  And…. Mom and I are starting our Mystery Knit along that follows the episodes of it!  I can hardly wait!   The first clue is coming Sunday!

3. I started a new book!  I just started Edge of Eternity by Ken Follett.  This is the third and final book in his Century Trilogy.  I read the other two last year and have waited impatiently for the final book to be released.  The trilogy follows several families in Europe and America through World War I and II.  This new book has over a 1000 pages.  (Historical fiction and lots of detail! Just my type!)  I can’t wait to get lost in it!  

4. I just purchased a new pattern for a darling knitted doll by Mary Jane’s Tea Room.  I am excited to try it!  I figure I will fit this in if I finish the week’s knitting in the Downton Abbey Knit along.  But I am so excited to get started!

5. I am still working part-time and volunteering in my daughter’s 1st grade classroom, so that will be so much fun too!  I just love those little munchkins!  It is so fun to see them learning and improving each week that I go.

So there is a lot of great things ahead for me in the next month or two!  I just need to keep bundled up and stay warm!

I hope you all stay warm as well!  Happy 2015!



One thought on “Looking forward to the Winter… Lots to do!

  1. Great little Milton, love him!

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