First Week of the Downton Abbey MKAL is DONE!

I just finished the first week’s clue in the Downton Abbey Mystery Knit Along (MKAL) this afternoon!  And a good thing!  The next clue comes tomorrow!

MKAL Week 1

This year I decided to try really hard to keep up with the knitting clues.  I just think it will be more fun to work on the new clue the week that it is revealed, instead of being a week or two behind.

I know I mentioned last week that I thought this first clue would probably just have a little knitting… NOT SO!  It had 60 rows.. Granted, the first row had 7 stitches, but it kept increasing and by my 60th row, there were about 150 stitches in each row.  Whew!  But I finished!  And I am ready for tomorrow’s clue.

I have to say, I am really enjoying the colors and the texture of the knit.  So far, it has been pretty simple.  It reminds me of this little shawlette/scarf pattern I knitted a couple of years ago.  It is still one of my favorites.  So I am excited to see how this is going to turn out!  I like the small, dense knit and the weight of it.  It is really cool to see it taking shape!

And speaking of Downton Abbey…  What did you think of last week’s episode?

I really like that they include historical events of the day, even just as comments that are made.  Just as the mention of the Labour party coming into power and the lifestyle changes that take place as time goes on.  Often comments like these lead me to look up information about that time in history.

What did you think of Lady Edith becoming the godmother of her child, Marigold? And do you think others are going to find out her secret?

I was glad that Baxter told the truth about her past so that Mr. Barrow can’t continue to blackmail her.  And I was so glad that Cora called him on it.  But darn it! When he saved Lady Edith from the fire, all is forgiven so I guess we have to watch him be horrible this season too!  Boy don’t you just despise him?

Anyway, I am excited for the next clue of my MKAL AND… the second episode of Downton Abbey…  Both to come tomorrow!

I’ll keep you posted on my MKAL progress!

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